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IEEE Public Safety Technology Roundtable: Emerging Public Safety Technologies (8 Dec)
Part of Future Directions Future Tech Forum series
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4th IEEE 5G Workshop on First Responder and Tactical Networks (14 Dec)
The applicability of 5G technologies for tactical and first responder networks
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Upcoming Webinars
5G on the Battlefield: Industry Advances and Military Applications (13 Dec)
Lockheed Martin CTU Steve Walker and IEEE COO Steve Welby
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Advanced Solutions for 5G and Beyond Satellite Systems (14 Dec)
Next in the new series, 5G and Beyond: A Roadmap Approach
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Latest Webinars On-Demand
AI/ML in the era of 5G, Edge Computing, Open RAN and Hyperscalers
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Latest Events
CTU Summit (3-5 November)
Internet connectivity and the digital divide
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Future Network Massive MIMO Workshop (8-10 November)
The latest developments in Massive MIMO
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Latest Publications
Tech Focus - October 2021 Issue
Issue includes articles on Millimeter-wave Metantenna Technologies, Radio Propagation Modelling, and Optical Transport for 5G
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Latest Podcast
Edge Platforms and Services Evolving into 2030
These are the building blocks for the era of domain specific services and futuristic edge native solutions.
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Featured Video
IEEE Standards Association – A New Era: Raising the World’s Standards
Rob Fish, IEEE Standards Association
IEEE 2020 3rd 5G World Forum, 10 September - 2 November
2020 5GWF Rob Fish

Feature Article

Diversity Inclusion

Being More Inclusive is Paying Off for This IEEE Society

The Instrumentation & Measurement Society saw double-digit growth

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

5G abstract13

New Report on Connecting the Unconnected.

Approximately 4.9 billion people – or 63 per cent of the world’s population – are using the Internet in 2021.

Read more at ITU.

5G Abstract9

Advancing Open-RAN: Research, Standards, and Deployment Webinar

This webinar explores ways to accelerate research, development, and deployment of O-RAN to support the telecommunications industry and beyond.

Read more at IEEE-SA.

5G military

Why the World's Militaries are Embracing 5G

To fight on tomorrow's more complicated battlefields, militaries must adapt commercial technologies

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.


Technology Spotlight

Telecom Battle

6G Is Years Away, but the Power Struggles Have Already Begun

Equipment manufacturers and device makers are squaring off

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

5G Abstract7

Canada Limits 5G To Protect Air Travel

The Canadian restrictions include “exclusion zones” around 26 airports where outdoor 5G base stations would not be permitted to operate

Read more at Forbes. 

5G Abstract6 

6 key points of the new CISA/NSA 5G cloud security guidance

The security guidance focuses on zero-trust concepts as the US agencies anticipate growth of 5G networks.

Read more at CSO.

5G Abstract4

Air Safety Review Delays US 5G C-Band Plans

Companies forced to delay their ambitious and expensive plans to roll-out 5G networks in the C-band after the FCC and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) demanded a review of the plans.

Read more at EE Times.


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