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Future Networks Tech Focus - April 2022
Articles on SVC caching, Quantum processing, and new network architectures.
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IEEE Connecting the Unconnected Challenge Panel (21 Sept)
Presented by Eric Nitschke, Wakoma; Rahma Utami, Suarise; and Filippo Malandra, Univ at Buffalo
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Future In-Building Networks (31 August)
Presented by Volker Jungnickel, Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications
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Xhaul Optical, Transport and Synchronization Networks (17 August)
Presented by Reza Vaez-Ghaemi
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2nd Future Network Security: Challenges and Opportunities Workshop (7-8 Sept)
2nd annual workshop from IEEE FNI Security Working Group
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5G Demystified (8 Sept)
Hosted by David Witkowski, co-chair the IEEE Future Networks Deployment working group
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2nd Systems Optimization Imperatives, Techniques, and Opportunities for Future Networks Workshop (19-20 Sept)
2nd annual workshop from IEEE FNI Systems Optimization Working Group
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Latest Events
Advanced Solutions for 6G Satellite Systems Workshop (19-21 July)
Inaugural workshop from IEEE FNI Satellite Working Group
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5G Demystified: Hype vs. Reality of 5G
21 September 2022
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Feature Article

5G Abstract12

Study identifies mid-band spectrum 5G potential

Three mid-range spectrum bands offer the greatest potential for addressing the spectrum imbalance facing the US commercial wireless industry

Read more at Advanced Television


Apple Kicks Off the Cell-Calls-From-Space Race

T-Mobile and SpaceX also plan satellite-to-cellphone service

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

6G Signal Directions

Metamaterials Could Solve One of 6G's Big Problems

There’s plenty of bandwidth available if we use reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

5G Security

5G Networks Are Worryingly Hackable

A shift to the cloud is opening the industry up to new attacks

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

Technology Spotlight

6G Abstract1

Strange Topological Physics Could Help Enable 6G Tech

Strange Topological Physics Could Help Enable 6G Tech

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

5G Abstract6

Making sure 5G networks are a friend, not a foe, to organizations

5G creates businesses both opportunities and dangers, with cyber criminals using the technology to aid their attacks and breach networks

Read more at betanews


Streetlight Wi-Fi Hotspots: A Bright Idea

New algorithm could help widely deploy publicly accessible Wi-Fi in cities

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

Quantum Satellite 

As China’s Quantum-Encrypting Satellites Shrink, Their Networking Abilities Grow

China starts to build QKD networks as United States pours millions into quantum R&D

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

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