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Trust Management in Edge Clouds with SCONE 
Professor Christof Fetzer, TU Dresden
22 April 2020 // 11:00 am EDT (GMT-04:00) 
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New E-Learning Course
5G Networks: Discover 5G Technology and the End-to-End 5G System
Produced in partnership with Nokia and the IEEE 802 LMSC.
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International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR)
Narendra Mangra, GlobeNet, LLC
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Winning the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge 
John Shea, and Tan Wong, Professors of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida 
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Upcoming Call for Papers:
2020 IEEE 3rd 5G World Forum
Technical Papers: 1 May 2020 
Special Session and Workshop Papers: 15 May 2020  
Tutorial, Vertical/Topical, Industry Forum Proposals: 1 June 2020  
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Featured Video:
Ergodic Spectrum Management 
John Cioffi, ASSIA
IEEE 2019 2nd 5G World Forum, 30 September - 2 October 
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Feature Article

New Antenna will Boost UAV Communication with Satellites 

The antenna can switch between a general and broadside radiation pattern, the latter of which emits a signal directly above the UAV and into space. 

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5G Confirmed Safe by Radiation Watchdog 

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What's in Store for 5G This Year 

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The Ultimate Generation

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Darpa Grand Challenge Finale Reveals which AI-Managed Radio System Shares Spectrum Best

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Korea's New 5G Futuristic Hospital 

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.  


Satellite Communications for 5G: Promising yet Challenging 

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Technology Spotlight

Artificial Intelligence in Radio Frequencies 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as an application of AI, has today become an inevitable part of major industries such as healthcare, financial trending, and transportation. Future urgent need to intelligently utilize wireless resources to meet the need of ever-increasing diversity in services and user behavior, has actuated the wireless communication industry to deploy AI and ML techniques. Intelligent wireless communication aims at maximizing the efficiency of resource allocation by enabling the system to first recognize the available resources, then perceive and learn the wireless environment, and finally reconfigure its operating mode to adapt to the perceived wireless environment. The cognition capability and reconfigurability are the essential features of intelligent radio (also called cognitive radio-CR) in which machine learning techniques mark immense potential in system adaptation.

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Celebrating the Global Impact of IEEE's 802 Standards 

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Terahertz Communications: the Quest for Spectrum

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New Material Opens the Door to Next-6G Electronics 

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Will 5G Be Bad for Our Health? 

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6G: Building tomorrow's wireless tech beyond 100 GHz

Read more at Arizona State University.


How AI is Starting to Influence Wireless Communications 

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Blockchain: A Key Enabler for 5G

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