5G and IEEE Standards Association (SA)

IEEE-SA provides a global, open, and collaborative platform for wireless communities that engage in, and enable the development of new, innovative, and relevant use cases and standards which, in turn, accelerate the time to market of consensus-developed technologies. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Mobile broadband network evolution
  • User experience continuity and supporting technology interoperability
  • Enabling IoT and Smart Cities (including public safety)

Inclusive to this is the ability to support addressing the following technological considerations:

  • Integration of networking, computing, and storage resources into one programmable, and unified infrastructure. This includes design principles such as resources, connectivity, and service enablers.
  • Convergence of fixed, mobile, and broadcast services
  • Multi-tenancy models
  • Sustainability, scalability, security, and privacy management
  • Spectrum
  • Software enablement for SDN, NFV, Mobile Edge, Fog Computing, Virtualization, etc.

IEEE-SA adds value in this emerging space by:

  • Supporting the development of market driven constructs (SIG, Alliances, etc.,) while representing the interests of ourselves and our stakeholders.
  • Providing a global, open, and collaborative platform for wireless communities, that engage in and enable the development of standards. Endorsing the development of the NGMC community. Engaging the applications and use cases, such that WiFi and enabling technologies continue to recognize marketplace growth, in a manner that the world is able to continue to benefit from its existence and advancement. Ensuring that policy makers are aware of technologies, such as WiFi, and that they understand that co-existence and collaboration are critical to successful NGMC deployment.
  • Developing and sharing region-specific use cases to ensure regional viability of standards and applications.
  • Offering add-on services, products, registries, and lifecycle elements and supporting the development of open source initiatives and APIs, where applicable.
  • Facilitating NGMC technological research and development (e.g., Mmwave/MIMO, Microwave RAN for backhaul, and IoT) by universities and other research institutes/SDOs, and where applicable, offering a binding community.