5G and IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS)

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society has significant activities in 5G through its work on mobile radio. The Society’s field of interest covers mobile radio as well as automotive electronics, with a particular focus on transmission technologies. It is also supporting an initiative on connected vehicles.


publicationsIEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology has been published since 1949. It has recently doubled its annual page count to over 9000+ pages.  The Transactions publishes research papers in mobile radio technologies. The Society also co-sponsors a letters journal, the IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, with ComSoc and the Signal Processing Society.

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, which goes to all members, publishes industry focussed, agenda setting papers.  Two issues each year feature best papers from the Wireless World Research Forum’s meetings.  The Society also publishes the monthly VTS Mobile World e-newsletter.




conference2The Society’s flagship conference is VTC, which was first held in 1950.  For the past 20 years the conference has been held twice each year, alternating between Asia and Europe in the Spring, and North America in the fall. The majority of papers at VTC are in the transmission technology area, along with wireless access and networking, and application papers in the vehicular domain. Workshops alongside VTC focus on specific aspects of 5G, and recent workshops have included the 3rd International Workshop on 5G Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems for 2020 and Beyond (MWC2020), the Emerging MIMO Technologies and Millimeter-waves for 5G Networks Workshop, 5GArch 2015 and the FANTASTIC-5G International Workshop on 5G New Air Interface. VTC conferences also feature an Industry Track, with one day of that track devoted to 5G.




educationVTS has just launched a new Resource Centre (http://resourcecenter.vts.ieee.org/), featuring videos of 5G tutorials from VTS Distinguished Lecturers. The Society has an extensive DL program available to its chapters (http://dl.vtsociety.org), and sponsored two summer schools in 2016.




About the Society 

The Vehicular Technology Society was formed in 1949 as the Vehicular and Railroad Radio Communications Group of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE).  When the IRE merged with the AIEE to form the IEEE, its scope was expanded to cover automotive electronics more generally, and in the 1970s railway electrical systems joined from the Industry Applications Society. The Society has approximately 4500 members, two thirds of which list an aspect of mobile radio as their primary interest, with most of the rest in automotive electronics. Society alumni include Martin Cooper, who is credited as lead inventor of cell phone while VTS President 1972-3.