mmWaves in 5G NR Cellular Networks: a System Level Perspective Recording and Survey


mmWaves in 5G NR Cellular Networks: a System Level Perspective

Wednesday January 23rd  11:00am EST | 10:00am CDT


Michele Polese, PhD in Information Engineering



About the Webinar

Communication at mmWave frequencies will play a key role in next generation 5G cellular networks. However, mobile scenarios are the most challenging for mmWave cellular systems, due to the high propagation loss, the relatively small coverage area of individual cells, and rapid channel dynamics caused by blockage events. In this talk, Michele Polese will describe some MAC and network level solutions that can provide a consistent and reliable user experience in mmWave mobile networks. The first part of the talk will focus on beam management and multi connectivity for 3GPP NR. Then, deployment issues will be discussed, with the recent 3GPP Study Item on Integrated Access and Backhaul in the spotlight. Finally, the last part will present a selection of results on the performance of TCP on mmWave links, and of possible algorithms and architectures to improve the end-to-end performance in these networks.


About the Speaker

poleseMichele Polese received his B.Sc. in Information Engineering in 2014 and M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering in 2016 from the University of Padova, Italy. Since October 2016 he has been a Ph.D. student at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova, under the supervision of Prof. Michele Zorzi. He visited New York University (NYU), in April 2017, and AT&T Labs in Bedminster, NJ, in May and June 2018. He is collaborating with several academic and industrial research partners, including Intel, InterDigital, NYU, AT&T Labs, University of Aalborg, King's College and NIST. His research interests are in the analysis and development of protocols and architectures for the next generation of cellular networks (5G), in particular for millimeter-wave communication, and in the performance evaluation of complex networks.



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