Future Networks Testbed Requirements, Challenges and Opportunities

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Virtual || 7-8 February 2022

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Proposed Program

NOTE: All times are given in EasternTime US (ET).

Day 1 - 7 February 2022
 08:50-09:00   Introduction - IEEE Future Networks Testbed Working Group   Ivan Seskar, Mohammad Patwary (Co-Chiars Testbed Working Group) 
 09:00-09:30    Technical Presentation  Dan Kilper (TCD), Marco Rufini (Trinity College Dublin)
 09:30-10:00    Cloud-based Remote Experimentation for Future Networks:
 Challenges and Lessons Learned
 Zhangyu Guan (University of Buffalo)
 10:00-10:30     Technical Presentation  Aloizio Pereira da Silva (Virginia Tech)
 10:30-11:00   IEEE 5G and Beyond Testbed: A New Collaborative Platform for Industry   Ashutosh Dutta (JHU/APL), Anwer Al-Dulaimi (EXFO)
 11:00-12:00  Keynote Presentation  Ian Wong (Viavi/O-RAN)
 12:00-12:30  Break
 12:30-13:00  Technical Presentation  Katarzyna Keahey (University of Chicago)
 13:00-13:30  Technical Presenation  Neal Patwari and David Johnson (University of Utah)
 13:30-14:00  Technical Presentation  TBD Speakers


Day 2 - 10 February 2022
 09:00-09:30   Slices: European Scientific Large-Scale Infrastructure for 
 Computing/Communication Experimental Studies
 Serge Fdida (Sorbonne) 
 09:30-10:00    PAWR + Colosseum: Federating Physical and Virtual Wireless 
 Testbeds to accelerate 5G and Beyond Research 
 Abhimanyu Gosain (Northeasern University) 
 10:00-10:30    Technical Presentation  Rudra Dutta (North Carolina State University) 
 10:30-11:00  Technical Presenation  Violet R. Syrotiuk (Arizona State University)
 11:00-12:00     Keynote Presentation   Eric Burger (Next G Alliance)
 12:00-12:30   Break  
 12:30-13:00   ARA Wireless Living Lab for Smart and Connected Rural Communities   Hongwei Zhang (Iowa State University)
 13:00-13:30  Technical Presentation  Dimitra Simeonidou (University of Bristol)
 13:30-14:00  Technical Presentation  Aijun Song (University of Alabama)


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Speaking proposals are sought for a Virtual Workshop on Testbed for Future Networks, hosted by IEEE Future Networks Initiative, International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR). The virtual event will take place 7-8 February 2021. The deadline for speaking proposals is 16 January 2022 and acceptance notifications will be distributed no later than two weeks later.



Testbeds are a critical part of network generation evolution and complements the standards that are developed. Use cases are facilitated with a number of Physical layer innovations with mmWave, mMIMO along with other layers of OSI. Given the increased complexity of the next generation of communication systems and skyrocketing development costs, the importance of publicly available testbeds is quickly becoming critical for researchers and developers to get access to state-of-the-art infrastructure in order to prototype and validate their ideas. Lessons learnt from various experiments help to ratify the standards. Testbeds also help as a catalyst for deployment of advanced wireless systems. Hence, it is essential to have experimental testbeds where functional and end-to-end testing can be performed. This workshop will explore the diversity requirements, the challenges and enabling techniques towards the development of scalable testbed facilities for future networks to provide a standardised approach and best practices for collaboration. Such a unified collaboration approach will pave the way for efficient utilization of resources by providing ‘Testbed as a Service’ to the research and vendor community to accelerate technological development of future networks.

This workshop invites speaking proposals from the wider research community (including 6G and Beyond, Internet of Space Things, Internet of Medical Things, Underwater Internet, Internet of Underground Things, Internet of Battlefield Things, UAV, multi-robot and vehicular networks, Industry 4.0, Metaverse Technologies, among others) to focus on following includes but not limited to:

This workshop invites contribution from the wider research community to focus on following includes but not limited to:

  • Vision/Evolution & revolution for future network testbeds
  • Use case scenarios for future network testbeds
  • Distributed/global (context/thresholding) of testbed development facilitation of compliance testing
  • Interoperability/co-existence/inter-programmability among the testbeds
  • Standard/pre-standard (e.g. ONAP/ORAN) testbed models
  • Extendable architecture with the testbed
  • Accessibility/multi-operability for future network testbeds
  • Domain specific KPI mapping for future network testbeds
  • Interface/protocol development for future network testbeds
  • Technology agnostics testbed definition and experimental set-up
  • Performance measurement blocks towards standardization
  • Reliability assessment for given use cases at different scale
  • Plug & play nature within a testbed
  • PoC development, test & evaluation for future network testbeds
  • Recommended practice to run an experiment within the testbed for future generation of networks
  • Business models for ‘Testbed-as-a-Service/Lab-as-a-Service’ for future networks
  • Networked Robotic Testbeds