IEEE Future Networks Initiative Standards Forum


Date: 17-19 September 2019 
Location: Engineering Center of the Stevens Institute of Technology, 711 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030



The IEEE Future Networks Initiative (FNI) and IEEE Standards Association are planning an Institute-wide Future Networks Standards Forum, which will take place at the Engineering Center of the Stevens Institute of Technology, 711 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030 on 17-18 September 2019.

The objective is to mobilize IEEE resources to strengthen IEEE’s presence in the Future Networks arena toward development of 5G, 6G and beyond. You are cordially invited to send 1-2 representatives of your Society/Council.

The forum is planned as a two-day event. The first day will be dedicated to discussions of issues and opportunities related to IEEE Future Networks standards activities, followed by a networking dinner. Day two will feature a live session of pre-standardization methodology practiced by ComSoc, called the Rapid Reaction Standardization Activities (RRSA), which is designed to “rapidly” identify and produce IEEE standards projects.

We believe that almost all IEEE Societies and Councils have a stake in future networks.  Therefore, we are inviting all IEEE Technical Societies and Councils to join us in developing a common vision for a global IEEE role in Future Networks-related standards and share experiences and practices in pre-standardization activities as well as in standards development and governance of Future Networks-relevant standards activities in IEEE.

Participants will be asked to prepare a brief 6-slide presentation (one per S/C) on behalf of your S/C.  The template for the presentations is provided below.

The deadline to respond this invitation is August 30, 2019. Please use the registraton link above. 

If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to FNI co-chair Ashutosh Dutta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ashutosh Dutta, Co-Chair, IEEE Future Networks Initiative.

Alex GelmanMehmet Ulema, co-chairs, IEEE Future Networks Initiative Standards Working Group

Purva Rajkotia, IEEE Standards Association

Brad Kloza, IEEE Future Networks Initiative

Presentation Template:

One representative of a S/C shall prepare a presentation consisting of 6 slides:

  • Slide-1: Title slide, e.g. your name, affiliation, S/C that you represent, your volunteer role in your S/C
  • Slide-2: Summary of Relevant to FN Technical Activities in your S/C
  • Slide-3: Summary of Standards Activities in your S/C: structure, scope, number of sponsors and WGs. If no standards Activities, state “No Standards Activities” on this slide
  • Slide-4: Summary of FN related Standards Activities in your S/C, If none, say “NONE”
  • Slide-5: Your vision for IEEE role in FN Standardization. You can present it even if your S/C has no Standards Activities, If you can’t think of one, say so on this slide, but “no role for IEEE” answer is not acceptable
  • Slide-6: What help do you need in Standards Activities area in general and/or 5G-related area in particular, e.g. setting up pre-standardization or standards development activities