IEEE Public Safety Technology Initiative Workshop

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Monday, 20 September, 11am-3pm Eastern Time US

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The IEEE Public Safety Technology task force will host a virtual workshop to explore the opportunity for IEEE to make a significant impact in the area of global public safety.

Typical functions of Public Safety include first and emergency responses planned and unplanned events, such as wide-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes, forest fires, flooding, and man-made disasters such as nuclear explosions, radiation, terrorism, as well as localized emergencies such as automobile accidents, large gatherings, fires, medical emergencies, and other public safety concerns. (Note that in Europe, the term PPDR, short for Public Protection and Disaster Relief, is used to refer to public safety.)

In all of these use cases, technology can play a role to make prevention, response or recovery faster, more efficient and more effective. We envision a new IEEE initiative within the Future Directions Committee that can address the technologies currently used, investigate additional current and emerging technologies, and consider the need for new technologies that could be used for public safety applications. The goal is to leverage the expertise of IEEE in helping public safety agencies and personnel improve their effectiveness and their performance to be able to respond, especially to emergencies, promptly.

This workshop will kick-off discussion on the definition, scope and potential structure of an IEEE Public Safety Technology effort. Since public safety requires support from many different areas of technology, this effort requires participation from multiple Society, Council, Technical Community and other OU groups in an umbrella initiative to put IEEE in a leadership role in this domain. The workshop will feature keynote talks from invited guests, but most of all we are calling for presentations from volunteers/members across all of IEEE for their perspectives.

If you would like to request time on the agenda for a presentation from your Society, Council, Technical Community, OU, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To download our inaugural white paper, Public Safety Technology: Gaps and Opportunities, visit

Proposed Agenda

Monday, 20 September

11:00am  Welcome and Introduction  Brad Kloza 
11:05-11:10am   Future Directions Chair Call to Action   Christine Miyachi
11:10-12:00pm  Public Safety Technology: An Opportunity for IEEE   Mehmet Ulema, Doug Zuckerman 
12:00-12:10pm  IEEE's Technical Role in Public Safety Roger Fuji 
12:10-12:40pm Keynote: 5G Network Security for Public Safety Tony Triolo, Peraton
12:40-01:10pm Break  
01:10-01:40pm Keynote: A First Responder’s View of Technology Needs Chris Baker, First Responder Network Authority
01:40-02:00pm Public Safety Technologies and Applications Narendra Mangra
02:00-03:00pm Perspectives from S/Cs, OUs, TCs   


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