Systems Optimization Imperatives, Techniques, and Opportunities for Future Networks Workshop

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Free & Virtual | 21,22,25 January 2021



This workshop will explore current technological advancements in autonomic/autonomous networking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches for Autonomics, various related industry standards, industrial deployment of autonomics paradigms, e.g. Self-organizing Networks (SON) for radio access networks, autonomics use cases, as well as associated research challenges. The objective of this workshop is to bring together experts from the globe and create a joint platform for information exchanges, presentation of results, and fruitful discussions to identify gaps and future directions for the IEEE FNI Systems Optimization Working Group.


Event Recordings

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Event Schedule

 The event took place from 9:00am to 12:30pm Eastern Time US (GMT -5) each day.

Thursday 21 January - Watch Recording

09:00-09:20   Introduction - Systems Optimization Leadership (Ashutosh Dutta, Lyndon Ong, Meryem Simsek) 
09:20-09:40  Invited Talk: Multi-Layer Autonomics in ETSI GANA and Federated Knowledge Planes (KPs) for Autonomics - Tayeb Ben Meriem (Orange, ETSI WG Chair)
09:40-10:00  Joint Wireless and Computing Resource Management in Multi-access Edge Clouds – S. Josilo, G. Dan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
10:00-10:20  Industry Talk: Topology Aware Scheduling and Orchestration of Cloud Native Applications – A. Kumar, R. Potluri, H. Nahata (Verizon)
10:20-10:40  Industry Talk: 3GPP Network Automation Efforts via NWDAF – D. Gutierrez-Esteves (Samsung)
10:40-11:00  Invited Talk: 5G, original ambitions and a path to 6G - Kaniz Mahdi (VMWare)
11:00-11:10  Break
11:10-11:40  Keynote: Leveraging the NGMN E2E Architecture Framework on Autonomic Networking – Sebastian Thalanany (US Cellular, NGMN Project Lead, 5G E2E)
11:40-12:00  Invited Talk: Rakuten Autonomous Network Roadmap & ITU-T FG AN – Miro Salem (Rakuten Mobile)
12:00-12:40  Birds of Feather session – Kishor, Aarne Mammela to lead


Friday 22 January - Watch Recording

09:00-09:15   Introduction - Systems Optimization Leadership 
09:15-09:45  Keynote Session: Recursive Neural Networks for Handover Management in Next Generation SON - Lorenza Giupponi (CTTC)
09:45-10:05  Invited Talk: Autonomic Management and Control (AMC) Requirements in IMT2020 - Taesang Choi (ETRI, ITU-T SG13)
10:05-10:25  Optimization algorithms in Neural Network: A Review – Y. Arshak (U. of Zakho, Iraq)
10:25-10:45  ARACHNE: A vision for Adversary-Resilient, Available C3 for Hostile Network Environments, E. McCorkle (JHU/APL)
10:45-11:00  Break
11:00-11:20  Invited Talk: Autonomics in the ODA (Open Digital Architecture) & TM Forum Autonomous Networks Initiative - Dave Milham (TM Forum)
11:20-11:40  Invited Talk: Automated and Intelligent Management (AIM) Framework Development in BroadBand Forum (BBF) – Ken Kerpez (BBF)
11:40-12:00  Quantum processing for system optimization in emerging networks – D. Krishnaswamy (Reliance Jio Platforms)
12:00-12:20  Harnessing Edge Intelligence for Video Services – S. Batabyal (BITS Pilani)
12:20-12:40  Systems Optimization for Handoff - Ashutosh Dutta (JHU/APL)


Monday 25 January - Watch Recording

09:00-09:15   Introduction - Systems Optimization Leadership
09:15-09:35  Invited Talk: Experiences in Deployments of Autonomics related technologies – Yaniv Vakhnin (CellWize)
09:35-09:55  ETSI 5G PoC on 5G Network Slices Creation with ETSI GANA Autonomic & Cognitive Management of 5G Slices & E2E Orchestration – Muslim Elkotob (Vodafone)
09:55-10:15  Invited Talk: Intelligent Management Autonomics Use Cases in Evolving and Future Fixed Networks – Stefano Corona (Vodafone)
10:15-10:35  Towards the Standardization of an Overarching Blueprint of Operational Principles of Autonomic/Autonomous Networks – Ranganai Chaparadza (Altran/CapGemini)
10:35-10:50  Break
10:50-12:00  Panel Session: Industry All-Stakeholder Panel Session on Autonomic/Autonomous Networking, Industry Standards Harmonization, and Way Forward
12:00-12:20  Wrap Up