FNI Virtual Distinguished Lecturer Program

IEEE Future Directions launched the IEEE 5G Initiative in December 2016. To better reflect the IEEE contribution to current and future generations of networking, the initiative was re-branded to IEEE Future Networks, with the tagline Enabling 5G and Beyond, in August 2018.

The IEEE Future Networks Initiative (FNI) will help pave a clear path through development and deployment of 5G and the great potential it enables, while envisioning the landscape of connectivity and applications beyond 5G. Recognizing that networking is larger than a single technology, standard, organization, or region, IEEE Future Networks is gathering the world’s researchers, scientists, engineers, and policymakers from industry, academia, and governments to solve the challenges and reveal the opportunities associated with current and future networks.

The experts participating in IEEE Future Networks draw upon practical knowledge gained working with previous generations of networking and consider current trends of technology evolution to foresee the meaningful shifts coming our way.

The Future Networks Initiative is actively pursuing the following goals:

  • Providing practical, timely technical content in tutorials, webinars, podcasts, published articles, workshops, and conferences.
  • Establishing a 5G and Beyond Technology Roadmap, which identifies short- (~3 years), mid- (~5 years) and long-term (~10 years) research, innovation, and technology trends in the communications ecosystem for the purpose of maintaining and continually enhancing a living document with a clear set of recommendations.
  • Launching a Distinguished Lecturer Program (FNI-DLP) to disseminate and share information about the technology, roadmap and application delivered by rebound experts from various societies of IEEE.


  • Q: What is the Virtual DL program? A: Is it the same as an on-line webinar?
    A: Virtual DL is a DL who is willing to participate in offering DL talks virtually to various society chapter(s) and / or com
  • munity of interests.

  • Q: For Chapter meetings, what is the difference between getting a guest speaker versus having a DLP?
    A: A DL speaking at a DLP event is meeting the program and guidelines of the DLP. This is different than inviting a guest speaker for the meeting.

  • Q: If a DL is joining a non DL into an event, can the event be called a DLP event?
    A: No, a DL can be a presenter along with a non-DL for virtual events. This can’t be called a DLP but rather a virtual webinar, virtual workshop, virtual summit, virtual conference, etc. but it is left to the organizing committee to acknowledge the speaker who is a DL. Thus, non-VDL events that may include a mix of DL and non-DL speakers is organized by the host Chapters and supported by their Regional Board.

  • Q: Is copyright required for DLP?
    A: Regarding the copyright issues, there will be no copyright protection as it will be delivered without restrictions.

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Distinguished Lecturers

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Kumar Vijay Mishra 

Kumar Vijay Mishra profile

Kumar Vijay Mishra (S’08-M’15-SM’18) obtained a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and M.S. in mathematics from The University of Iowa in 2015, and M.S. in electrical engineering from Colorado State University in 2012, while working on NASA’s Global Precipitation Mission Ground Validation (GPM-GV) weather radars. He received his B. Tech. summa cum laude (Gold Medal, Honors) in electronics and communication engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (NITH), India in 2003. He is currently Senior Fellow at the United States DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Adelphi; Technical Adviser to Singapore-based automotive radar start-up Hertzwell and Boston-based imaging radar startup Aura Intelligent Systems; and honorary Research Fellow at SnT - Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg.

 20 December 2022

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