5G Drives Major Paradigm Shifts for Power

webinar series 5G Drives Major Paradigm Shifts for Power

Wednesday February 21st 11:00am EDT | 10:00am CDT


Brian Zahnstecher, Principal, PowerRox

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About the Webinar

The 5G network promises massive bandwidths and low latencies, but none will come to fruition without major paradigm shifts in network power architecture/distribution/utilization.  5G is a unique case study because it brings together many cutting-edge aspects of today’s cloud-focused world.  It is dependent on cohesion from the edge to the core network with the latest in data center technology (i.e. – Software-defined/virtualized everything).  In between, there are heterogeneous networks of small cells operating in licensed/unlicensed spectrum via massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) arrays of antennas required to enable millimeter wave transmission for billions of users.

Power is the absolute gatekeeper for enabling 5G whether it be precise management of smartphone battery usage/charging, envelope tracking signals to optimize efficiency for the power amplifier (PA) at either ends, or intelligent power management in the data center to allow for unprecedented volumes of data processing/transmission to occur in footprints practical enough to sit around neighborhoods.


BZ Headshot USE SMALL 7 12 16 1About the Speaker

Brian is a Sr. Member IEEE, Chair IEEE SFBAC Power Electronics Society awarded 2017 Best Chapter awards at the local/national/worldwide levels concurrently (unprecedented), and Principal of PowerRox, focusing on design, applications, OEM market penetration, and seminars for power electronics.  He leads Power for the IEEE 5G Roadmap Applications & Services WG and lectures at industry events.  He previously held positions with Emerson Network Power, Cisco, & Hewlett-Packard.  He has been a regular contributor as an invited keynote speaker, author, session moderator, and volunteer.  He has over 13 years of industry experience with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.