Webinar June 2022 The Road to 6G: INGR Mapping Future Networks into 2032

IEEE Future Networks Webinar SeriesIEEE Future Networks Webinar: The Road to 6G - INGR Mapping Future Networks into 2032

Wednesday 1 June 2022 | 11:00am ET

Baw Chng, Dilip Krishnaswamy, and Lyndon Ong


About the Webinar

2022 and the next two years will be a time of heavy 5G deployment, transformation at the edge, and increased interworking of network technologies and systems. But what can we expect in five or even or ten years from now? The 2022 Edition of the IEEE INGR (International Network Generations Roadmap) points to current and forward-looking trends, challenges, and solutions in the mobile network landscape. The inaugural INGR was released in 2020 with a focus on the evolution of 5G networks, and the 2021 edition took an end-to-end perspective that established a transdisciplinary framework and a predictive model for mobile networks. The 2022 INGR broadens applications of the transdisciplinary framework while progressing the technology and system challenges and opportunities across each of INGR’s 14 Working Groups.

In this IEEE Future Networks webinar, leaders from four of those Working Groups — Applications and Services, Deployment, Energy Efficiency, and Massive MIMO — get together to present some of the latest insights form their group before joining a panel discussion to explore the convergences between them all.


About the Presenters

Francesco Carobolante, IoTissimo
Harish Kumar Sahoo, Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
Narendra Mangra, Globenet LLC
David Witkowski, Oku Solutions

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