Mitigating Thermal & Power Limitations to Enable 5G


Mitigating Thermal & Power Limitations to Enable 5G

Wednesday Oct 24th  11:00am EDT | 10:00am CDT


Dr. Earl McCune, CTO, Eridan Communications

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About the Webinar

3GPP has defined 5G-NR with a modulation that inherently reduces energy efficiency of linear transmitters. This causes thermal problems from the dissipated power, which is a particular difficulty for massive-MIMO arrays. Temperature rise from transmitter power dissipation limits the array size that can be safely built. Achieving the multiple business objectives for 5G installations requires solving this problem, and using Sampling technologies is showing great promise to meeting this goal. This presentation presents the physical basis of this thermal problem, and shows how the sampling operation of the switch-mode mixer modulator (SM3) solves not only the thermal problem but also how, using the SM3, signal bandwidth efficiency is increased to 14 bits per symbol (16,384-QAM) with modulation within 0.5% of ideal.


emc2 biophotoAbout the Speaker

Earl McCune is a Fellow of the IEEE, CTO of Eridan Communications, Professor of Sustainable Wireless Systems at Delft Technical University (Netherlands), and the Principal Engineer at RF Communications Consulting. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and UC Davis for his bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and has focused much of the past 25 years in getting around the energy efficiency vs. circuit linearity tradeoff that beguiles the radio communications industry.

Earl is a named inventor on 91 US patents and many more internationally. He is sole author of two books (both invited) through Cambridge University Press, and is author of many other academic and industrial publications. He is an emeritus Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S), and serves on both the IEEE Green-ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Initiative and the IEEE 5G and Beyond Initiative. He is the Chair of the IEEE-SA (Standards Association) Energy Efficient Communication Hardware Working Group.