The Future of IoT

webinar series The Future of IoT

Wednesday March 21st 11:00am EDT | 10:00am CDT


Don DeLoach, Co-Chair, Midwest IoT Council

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About the Webinar

As the Internet of Things moves closer and closer to mainstream, and the potential impact on our organizations becomes clearer, the challenges uncovered through numerous pilots and early production systems are becoming clear as well. In his presentation, Don will explore these challenges that often have less to do with technology, and more to do with people, organizations, architecture, and somewhat nuanced but no less critical considerations of security, privacy, and data ownership. The challenges in moving from early stages of the Internet of Things into mainstream production can demand a broad level of understanding and thoughtful leadership in order to truly leverage IoT’s value in a resilient manner.


Don DeLoachAbout the Speaker

Don DeLoach is an entrepreneur, author, board member, and a leading industry evangelist for the Internet of Things. Don has been CEO of three software companies over the last 18 years, including Youcentric, Aleri, and Infobright. He is currently co-chairman of the Midwest IoT Council. He also sits on the executive board of the Array Things (NSF-funded smart cities project), and in 2017, co-authored the book “The Future of IoT” with Gartner analyst Emil Berthelsen and Hitachi/Pentaho executive Wael Elrifai.