5G and Satellite Spectrum and Standards Recording and Slides

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Thursday October 19 11:00am EDT | 10:00am CDT


Geoff Varrall, RTT Programmes

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About the Webinar

A 40-minute webinar on 5G and satellite spectrum and standards reviewing existing WRC 2019 bands identified for 5G and their compatibility/coexistence with GSO, LEO and MEO Ku, K and Ka band satellite spectrum. Will provide a summary of NEW LEO constellation capabilities including OneWeb and Space X and LEOSAT, spectrum sharing and frequency reuse opportunities implicit in progressive pitch angular power separation and the potential implications for 5G co-sharing of satellite K band spectrum, pass bands and channel bandwidth compatibility and physical layer coexistence. Will speak to the tension points between the NEWLEO entities and incumbent LEO and MEO and GSO operators. Technical assessments including the link budget and long distance latency benefits of Nearly Always Nearly Overhead (NANO) connectivity when integrated with inter satellite switching, and how this could help meet specific 5G vertical market throughput and latency requirements, satellite IOT. Will also give insight into present and future technical and commercial trends and standards issues and related 5G and satellite regulatory challenges and opportunities, longer term V and W band co-sharing opportunities.


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Geoff Varrall joined RTT in 1985 as an executive director and shareholder to develop RTT's international business as a provider of technology and business services to the wireless industry.

Geoff has been running in depth technology and market workshops for the industry for over 33 years, spanning five generations of mobile cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology and has authored 5 books.

His most recent book, 5G Spectrum and Standards was published by Artech House in July 2016 and he is currently working on a sequel, 5G and Satellite Spectrum and Standards.

In association with Niche Markets Asia, Geoff presents a twice annual master class in Singapore and Australia.

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