Webinar June 2020 Realizing 5G Futures and Enablers Using ENCQOR 5G Testbed

IEEE Future Networks Webinar SeriesIEEE Future Networks Webinar:
Realizing 5G Futures and Enablers Using ENCQOR 5G Testbed

Tuesday 23 June 2020 | 11:00am EDT

Benoit Pelletier, Co-founder, ENCQOR, Ciena, Canada  


About the Webinar

In this talk, we will provide an update on the ENCQOR 5G initiative led by industry, which is a transformational Canada-Quebec-Ontario partnership for research, innovation and adoption of disruptive 5G technologies targeting Canadian’s first pre-commercial 5G testbed.  We will highlight the 5G cross-provincial testbed technologies & capabilities and provide few Use Cases that the ecosystem can demonstrate in this testbed as well as sharing the breakdown of hundreds SME projects per vertical.

In order to construct the infrastructure necessary to support rapid development, the underlying platform must allow ENCQOR 5G partners and users to stitch systems that continuously adapt to rapidly changing environments.  As one of founding members, Ciena is leading the development of a Self-Optimizing Fabric through an International Research Ecosystem that will allow ENCQOR partners and users to create such adaptive systems in the smart corridor.

About the Speaker

Benoit Pelletier

Co-founder of the ENCQOR 5G project and executive member of Innovation ENCQOR; a NPO created to deliver this collaborative innovation project across Quebec-Ontario corridor, Benoit Pelletier is currently director, Business Development and Head of ENCQOR 5G Program at Ciena Canada. He is involved in developing new business opportunities, partnerships and/or alliances as well as fostering innovation through collaborative ecosystems and synergy with Universities and Small & Medium Enterprises.   

Passionate about innovation, “Innovate or Evaporate” has been its mantra over the last 30 years in different industry markets: Telecom at Ciena and Nortel, Transport at Bombardier and Aerospace at Oerlikon Aerospace.  Benoit held a number of positions within design, system integration, program management and business development.  Broad knowledge in Product Development, Cost Management and expertise in New Product Introduction of cutting-edge technologies and government relationships. Benoit holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Sherbrooke University


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