Webinar August 2020 Joint MIMO-Radar-MIMO-Communications in the 5G Era

IEEE Future Networks Webinar SeriesIEEE Future Networks Webinar:
Joint MIMO-Radar-MIMO-Communications in the 5G Era

Tuesday 25 August 2020 | 11:00am EDT

Dr. Kumar Vijay Mishra, National Academies Distinguished Fellow, United States Army Research Laboratory  


About the Webinar

The next-generation communications and radar systems envisage a rapid increase in connected devices and users. The resulting dire challenges in utilizing a limited frequency spectrum has led researchers to seek novel solutions in designing both systems to jointly access the spectrum without interfering in each other’s operations and performance. As the wireless community moves closer to finalizing the 5G standard and the advent of radars for high-bandwidth applications such as autonomous driving, physiological sensors, and short-range weather monitoring, the millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) band is the new frontier for spectral coexistence research. The multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna arrays are critical in enabling the mm-Wave communications and radar. A joint MIMO-radar-MIMO-communications (MRMC) spectrum sharing is considerably more complex with several variables to optimize. At mm-Wave, automotive applications are key drivers of developing MRMC solutions. This talk will introduce the audience to recent advances in MRMC in the context of mm-Wave automotive systems and 5G networks.


About the Speaker

Dr. Kumar Vijay Mishra

Dr. Kumar Vijay Mishra

Dr. Kumar Vijay Mishra obtained a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and M.S. in mathematics from The University of Iowa in 2015, and M.S. in electrical engineering from Colorado State University in 2012, while working on NASA’s Global Precipitation Mission Ground Validation (GPM-GV) weather radars. He received his B. Tech. summa cum laude (Gold Medal, Honors) in electronics and communication engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (NITH), India in 2003. He is currently U. S. National Academies Harry Diamond Distinguished Fellow at the United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Adelphi; Technical Adviser to Singapore-based automotive radar start-up Hertzwell; and honorary Research Fellow at SnT - Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg. Previously, he had research appointments at Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Bengaluru; IIHR - Hydroscience & Engineering, Iowa City, IA; Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, Cambridge, MA; Qualcomm, San Jose; and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He is the recipient of American Geophysical Union Editors' Citation for Excellence (2019), Royal Meteorological Society Quarterly Journal Editor's Prize (2017), Viterbi Postdoctoral Fellowship (2015, 2016), Lady Davis Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017), DRDO LRDE Scientist of the Year Award (2006), NITH Director’s Gold Medal (2003), and NITH Best Student Award (2003). He has received Best Paper Awards at IEEE MLSP 2019 and IEEE ACES Symposium 2019. His research interests include radar systems, signal processing, remote sensing, and electromagnetics.


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