5G: Let’s not Wait for the Killer App

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An IEEE Future Directions Digital Studios Production 

A podcast with Sanjay Jha, General Chair, 2018 IEEE 5G World Forum, CEO, Roshmere, Inc. 

5G: Let's not wait for the killer app. A sneak peek at Sanjay Jha’s keynote at IEEE 5G World Forum

This installment of our podcast series provides a sneak peek at the keynote presentation Sanjay Jha will give at the IEEE 5G World Forum. Sanjay speaks to 5G and previous wireless communications generations and the idea of the killer app. Sanjay is the General Chair of  the IEEE 5G World Forum, taking place July 9th through 11th 2018 in Santa Clara, CA. Find out more about the IEEE 5G World Forum at ieee-wf-5g.org. Sanjay is also CEO of Roshmere, Inc.

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