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5G testing framework

CIO Federal Mobility Group Unveils 5G Testing Framework

To guide governmentwide adoption of 5G and related technologies, the Federal Mobility Group’s (FMG) 5G and Mobile Network Infrastructure Working Group (WG) over the past year has undertaken an extensive evaluation of 5G testing approaches.

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Fire Sprinklers

IoT Makes Fire Detection Systems Smarter

A combination of cloud computing, sensors, and an IoT gateway provide valuable intelligence for firefighters before they get to an emergency.

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5G Abstract

5G, Robotics, AVs, and the Eternal Problem of Latency

Autonomous vehicles, factory robots, and virtual reality are probably unattainable until we wring latency out of our networks. Engineers are working on it.

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NASA Space

4G on the Moon: One Small Leap, One Giant Step

Nokia Bell Labs and NASA team up to bring wireless networks to the moon.

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Breaking the Latency Barrier

Robots and self-driving cars will need completely reengineered networks that have less than one millisecond of lag

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