Applications and Services Working Group

The Applications and Services Working Group (WG) is focused on a sustainable interconnected ecosystem of ecosystems framework and roadmap development to identify evolving applications and services, common needs, challenges to achieving those needs, and potential solutions to those challenges. This structured, flexible, adaptable, and scalable approach extends across end-to-end ecosystems, and caters to different stages of priorities, resources, and technologies.

Specific ecosystem frameworks include the continuum of care (health care), recovery continuum (public safety), intermodal / multimodal transportation, supply chain management frameworks for electric and water utilities, food supply chain (agriculture), education, etc. They span geographical, political, and cultural boundaries across urban and non-urban areas, but typically converge in complex and dynamic urban environments as in the case of smart cities.

Severe stress or inefficiencies on one ecosystem, e.g. pandemics (health care), disasters (public safety), etc may negatively impact adjacent ecosystems. Alignments within and among ecosystems is essential. The WG also addresses inter ecosystem touchpoints, key performance indicators (KPI), and the need for technology standards development. Fixed and mobile future network functions for access, service delivery, network operations, and network interoperability may require communications capabilities that include a combination of enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine-type communications (mMTC), ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC), and network operations enhancements.


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 Working Group Members 
Narendra Mangra
Ravikiran Annaswamy
Abhishek Panchal
Alireza Ghasempour
Anthony Magnan
Ashutosh Dutta
Barbara Martini
Bhupinder Mann
Brad Kloza
Brian Zahnstecher
Carla Chiasserini
Carlo Thompson
Chinazom Uwaoma
Dimitrios Pliatsios
Eirini Liotou
Evangelos Markakis
Fawzi Behmann
Frederica Darema
HanCongzheng Bernice
Ilias Politis
James Irvine
Jason Lee
Jeremy Webb
John Payne
Justin Chuang
Kafi Hassan
Krishna Rao
Linda Wilson
Marc Emmelmann
Matt Borst
Mike Garner
Mohammed Nafie
Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui
Nadine Akkari
Natasa Zivic
Navin Kumar
Oscar Au
Pramud Rawat
Prithwish Kangsabanik
Raghu Srimishnam
Sanjay S Pawar
Satish k
Souma Badombena Wanta
Srini Gottumukkala
Thomas Olsen
Tk Lala
Vivek Deshpande