Perspectives on 5G Applications and Services

perspectivesAppsSvcsMarch 2018 

5G is not just an evolutionary upgrade of the previous generation of cellular, but it is a revolutionary technology envisioned that will eliminate the bounds of access, bandwidth, performance, and latency limitations on connectivity worldwide. 5G has the potential to enable fundamentally new applications, industries, and business models and dramatically improve quality of life around the world via unprecedented use cases that require high data-rate instantaneous communications, low latency, and massive connectivity for new applications for mobile, eHealth, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart homes, and the IoT.1

The following papers discuss the impact of 5G on various applications. They contain a high-level view on industry trends, key drivers for the new technology, challenges from the network and connectivity, and technology requirements. 

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1. IEEE 5G and Beyond Technology Roadmap White Paper,, October 2017