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The digital transformation brought by 5G is redefining current models of end-to-end connectivity and service reliability to include security-by-design principles necessary to enable 5G to achieve its promise. 5G trustworthiness highlights the importance of embedding security capabilities from the very beginning while the 5G architecture is being defined and standardized. Security requirements need to overlay and permeate through the different layers of the 5G systems (physical, network, and application) as well as different parts of an E2E 5G architecture including a risk management framework that takes into account the evolving security threats landscape.

5G exemplifies a use-case of heterogeneous access and computer networking convergence, where 5G fundamental building blocks include components such as Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and the edge cloud. This convergence extends many of the security challenges and opportunities applicable to SDN/NFV and edge cloud to 5G networks. Thus, 5G security needs to consider additional security requirements (compared to previous generations) such as SDN controller security, hypervisor security, orchestrator security, cloud security, edge security, etc. At the same time, security opportunities provided by 5G networks, should be considered where 5G can harness the architecture flexibility, programmability and complexity to improve its resilience and reliability.

The IEEE FNTC security WG’s roadmap framework follows a taxonomic structure, differentiating the 5G functional pillars and corresponding cybersecurity risks. At the infrastructure level the scope of the working group includes, Virtualization/Softwarization Security; Optimization / Orchestration Security; SDN Security; Network Slicing Security; Edge Security. Third party security includes supply chain security; open source and API security. Data security, privacy, security monitoring and analytics, proactive security, and digital forensics are also part of the scope for the working group. As part of cross collaboration, the security working group will also look into the security issues associated with other roadmap working groups within the IEEE Future Network Initiative.


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AI-Assisted Cybersecurity for 5G and Beyond Talk (slides) 23 June 2023 Virtual
2nd Future Network Security: Challenges & Opportunities Workshop     28-30 June 2022 Virtual
Future Network Security: Challenges & Opportunities Workshop    22-24 March 2021     Virtual 


Working Group Members 
Ashutosh Dutta
Eman Hammad
Ahmad Cheema
Ali Tekeoglu
Arsenia Chorti
Bharat Rawal
Colby Harper
Fawzi Behmann
Frederick Kautz
Glaucio H.S. de Carvalho
Güneş Karabulut-Kurt
Julia Urbina-Pineda
Kassi Kadio
Khaled Alam
Kingsley Okonkwo
Marc Emmelmann
Michael Enright
Mischa Dohler
Mona Ghassemian
Rajakumar Arul
Roslyn Layton
Sanjay S Pawar
Sherri Ireland
Taha Sajid