Webinar January 2022 Transdisciplinary Framework for 5G-Enabled Applications and Services in the New Reality

IEEE Future Networks Webinar SeriesIEEE Future Networks Webinar:

Transdisciplinary Framework for 5G-Enabled Applications and Services in the New Reality


Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 11:00am ET


Narendra Mangra, GlobeNet, LLC 




About the Webinar


The COVID-19 pandemic and related sustained systemic shocks has fundamentally impacted business ecosystems and underlying global supply chains. These sustained systemic shocks along with technology developments, consumer usage trends, geopolitical, and macro-economic triggers may reshape industry structures or ecosystem stages. Furthermore, we are also grappling with critical changes needed to address access and inclusion to basic human services, social vulnerabilities, quality of life improvements in urban and rural communities, and long-term environmental changes. We are already witnessing fundamental changes related to climate-induced public safety needs, flexible working trends, telehealth, tourism, education, connected vehicles, urban planning, rural development, and much more. Technology innovations promise to help deliver solutions across ecosystems with maximum benefits delivered through appropriate governance.

It is imperative to explore new approaches to delivering applications and services. These approaches or frameworks should be sustainable, structured, flexible, adaptable, and scalable to better address complex issues and the local needs of diverse stakeholder groups, priorities, capabilities, and constraints in diverse communities. This webinar will describe the transdisciplinary framework with several scenarios provided in the latest IEEE FNI INGR Applications and Services Chapter. The transdisciplinary framework comprises of interconnected ecosystems, converged networks, and governance functions. Scenarios will include public safety and the event lifecycle, telehealth and the continuum of care, public health and pandemic response planning, transportation and urban land repurposing, comprehensive plans across the globe, smart cities, and rural development initiatives.



About the Speaker


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Narendra Mangra, GlobeNet, LLC


Narendra Mangra of GlobeNet LLC provides advisory and consulting services to clients in academia, industry, and government. He has both a deep foundation in the wireless telecommunications ecosystem and broad experience across mobile and fixed broadband telecommunications, public safety, agriculture, transportation, and health care ecosystems. His experience spans several key roles within the end-to-end mobile ecosystem, mobile network design and deployment lifecycle, procurement lifecycle, and program/project management lifecycles. Narendra is also the Co-Chair for several IEEE technology roadmap, standards development, and industry connection activities that include the Future Networks International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR), Applications and Services WG, Young Professionals Education, IEEE SA P1950.1 Smart Cities Architecture Standards Development, Transdisciplinary Framework Industry Connections, and the Telehealth Industry Connections.



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