The IEEE FN Entrepreneurs’ Mentorship program is a new global program sponsored by Future Networks seeks to support the upcoming, proof-of concept, first time entrepreneurs, early-stage and growth stage technological entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred as ‘technological entrepreneurs’, or ‘Mentees’) from within and/or outside IEEE community in creating technology-driven business that impact humanity. IEEE FN Entrepreneurs’ Mentorship program connects technological entrepreneurs with suitable mentors to accelerate their business, increase their growth metrics, achieve greater impact and prepare them for later stage investors.

IEEE FN Entrepreneurs’ Mentorship program aims to provide technical skills and mentorship support along with a variety of other critical support such as financial, business, marketing, education and others to maximize their potential, accelerate the growth of their organization, deliver high-impact value, stimulate long-term economic growth and produce environmental and social benefits.

IEEE FNE Mentorship program compliments and strengthens IEEE Programs and Awards such as IEEE Connecting the Unconnected (CTU), Standards Association (SA), IEEE Entrepreneurship (ENT), Women in Engineering (WIE), Empower Billions, Internet for All (I4A), IEEE Micro Mentoring Experience Program, etc. to foster technology, innovation and proliferate technology-driven businesses.

The IEEE FNE Mentorship program enables ‘technological entrepreneurs’ to access subject experts, able to build successful business models, networking with investors, creating communication plans, scalability strategies, facilitating in creating pitch decks and fruitful negotiations, technical guidance and insights, design thinking processes, marketing assets and knowledge. IEEE FN Entrepreneurs’ Mentorship program also facilitates technological entrepreneurs to access the IEEE network, partners and standard associations and allows them to participate in global events and networking opportunities.

In a nutshell, IEEE FNE Mentorship program aims to support entrepreneurs in their ‘idea to market’ journey and create a pathway for ‘technological entrepreneurs’ in acquiring seed funding or next investment. The IEEE FN Entrepreneurs' Mentorship program ensures that technological entrepreneurs enter the market ready with product/solution aligning with the IEEE core purpose of advancing technology for humanity.

The IEEE FN Entrepreneurs' Mentorship program is a 1000-days of nurturing, mentorship and pre-acceleration program for technological entrepreneurs, enabling them to acquire various skills for the growth of their businesses.  The IEEE FN Entrepreneurs' Mentorship program will cover India and East Africa region.


Mission, Vision and Objectives


Goal of the IEEE FN Entrepreneurs' Mentorship is to prepare, educate and invest in technological entrepreneurs to create compelling technological solutions that have the ability to bring a positive change in the life of masses.


IEEE FN Entrepreneurs' Mentorship program thrives to nurture, invest and accelerate impactful technological businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs that are addressing the global and local challenges in the field of engineering and has potential to be profitable.


  1. Providing 1000 days of mentorship and continuous learning space for ‘technological entrepreneurs’ to translate their vision into execution
  2. Enabling technological entrepreneurs to develop new standards in relation to product/solutions
  3. Providing technical guidance and mentorship along with other critical support and resources required accelerating their business
  4. Provide access to technical standards, publications and journals for continuous learning
  5. Providing a networking platform to meet with potential investors, partners, technical societies, IEEE members and communities
  6. Recognizing technological startups and entrepreneurs who have made significant impact on the engineering-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem
  7. Extend its support to technological entrepreneurs that can deliver social and financial returns to transform the lives of low-income people everywhere.


Program Categories

The IEEE FNE Mentorship program invites technological entrepreneurs to receive the mentorship in three categories:

Technology Acceptance: Technological entrepreneurs have innovative technology solution/product but facing issues in hardware development, its design, cost and upscaling of their product, understanding the standards, IPR and regulatory compliances related to their solution/product, R&D and innovation

Business Models: Technological entrepreneurs facing challenges in upscaling their business, supply chain management, manufacturing challenges, market trends and opportunities, distribution and sales, cost-effectiveness, risks and mitigation planning, identifying suitable communication strategies, developing business plans and others.

Community Enablement: Technological entrepreneurs have solution/product that have potential to impact socially but are not able to scale-up, understand user-experience and design, require support for partnerships and collaboration, retaining skilled human resources and reaching out to wider customer, distribution and sales and others.


Program Contacts

This program is being managed by a Working Group that is part of the IEEE Future Networks Education Committee.

Working Group Co-chair  Ashutosh Dutta
Working Group Co-chair   Sudhir Dixit 
Working Group Co-chair  Ruolin Zhou
IEEE Staff support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.