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INGR Wins Award
The IEEE-USA George F. McClure Citation of Honor

Upcoming Webinars

Millimeter Wave Hardware for 5G: A Look Toward 2033 from IEEE INGR (19 April)
The talk will address Semiconductors and Advanced Packaging technical trades and needs for improvementsons.
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Latest Webinars On-Demand
Highlights from the 2022 Future Networks World Forum (15 February)
Conference organizers will cover different insights and outcomes from the 2022 event, and discuss about lessons learned and plans for 2023’s event.
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Micro/Nano Systems and Technologies as Enablers of 6G, Super-IoT and Future Networks (18 January)
A focus on low-complexity HW components, like sensors, actuators, and transducers.
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Latest Events

2nd Future Network Security: Challenges and Opportunities Workshop (4-15 March)
Virtual workshop from Security Working Group
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2nd Systems Optimization Imperatives, Techniques, and Opportunities for Future Networks Workshop (13 Dec)
Virtual workshop from Systems Optimization Working Group
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5G Demystified (15 Dec)
Hosted by David Witkowski, co-chair the IEEE Future Networks Deployment working group
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Distinguished Lecture (20 Dec)
Kumar Vijay Mishra, Senior Fellow @United States Army Research Laboratory
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Latest Publications
Tech Focus - December 2022
Topics include 6G in Germany, Indoor 5G Coverage, Secure RF/FSO Communications, and a view from 6GIC
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Featured Video
NCC 2023 - Plenary Talk by Dr. Ashutosh Dutta (Fellow, IEEE)
39th National Conference on Communications in IIT Guwahati 
25 February 2023
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Feature Article


IEEE Climate Impact 1800x650 1 620x290

“Connectivity and Climate” Accurate to 10 Centimeters or Better

5G and 6G will usher in an era of "connectivity everywhere," but what are the implications on global climate change?

Read more at IEEE Transmitter

GPS location

“SuperGPS” Accurate to 10 Centimeters or Better

New optical-wireless hybrid makes use of existing telecommunications infrastructure

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

DIY Projects

Hi-fi, Radio, and Retro: The DIY Projects Spectrum Readers Love

They also really like Lego and hacking pretty much everything

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

John Deere Facility

John Deere Sows the Seeds for Private 5G

Plans to run own cell networks for its wireless factories

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

mmwave power amp

How This Startup Cut Production Costs of Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers

Elve’s secret is additive manufacturing

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

Technology Spotlight

Transistors for 6G 

A Diamond “Blanket” Can Cool the Transistors Needed for 6G

Gallium nitride transistors have struggled to handle the thermal load of high-frequency electronics

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

Security Broken

New Ethernet Cyberattack Crunches Critical Systems

PCspooF can interrupt the delicate timing required for technologies used in aerospace and power

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

Optical Chip

This Chip Could Replace a Thousand Lasers

Frequency combs are key to optical chips that could cut Internet power consumption

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

5G abstract13

White Papers: Future-enabling Technology Solutions for Business

Address technical challenges and realize the transformative consumer, business, and research potential of emerging technologies like 5G, 6G, and quantum computing.

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

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