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Bridging the 4G/5G Gap: Telecommunications Roadmap for Implementation
A 2-part course focused on the technical aspects in applications, permitting and licensing negotiations, and deployment of next generation networking.
Virtual Event: 10 March 2021
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ITU-ETSI-IEEE Joint Testbed Workshop
Virtual Event: 15-16 March 2021
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Future Network Security: Challenges & Opportunities Workshop
Virtual Event: 22-24 March 2021
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Past Event Recordings
Systems Optimization Imperatives, Techniques, and Opportunities for Future Networks Workshop
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Upcoming Webinars
5G Demystified: Deployment, Socieoeconomics, and Timelines
First in the new series, 5G and Beyond: A Roadmap Approach
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Latest Webinars On-Demand
In the era of 5G and 6G, do we still need Wi-Fi?
Cellular and Wi-Fi worlds have been converging, slowly, at all layers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a hypothetical convergence?
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Latest Publications
7 Experts Cast Their Visions for 5G and Beyond in 2021
This article polled seven experts from the Future Networks Initiative community to get their predictions about energy efficiency, deployment, massive MIMO, and others. Learn what the experts expect will occur in 2021
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IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine
The articles in this special section focus on the evolution of automotive engineering that deploy 6G networks.
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Latest Podcast
The 5G Deployment Challenge - Part 4 in a Series: A Panel Discussion on the Health and Safety Concerns about 5G
5G promises to usher in a new era of connectivity and productivity, but is it safe?
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Featured Video
Propelling 5G Forward – a close look at R16 and a first look at R17
Wanshi Chen, Qualcomm
IEEE 2020 3rd 5G World Forum, 10 September - 2 November
2020 5GWF Wanshi Chen

Feature Article

20 EA 356b BridgingtheGap4G5G Ad 1200x628 FNL 2021TwoPartSeries Twitter

IEEE Future Directions Talks 5G: David Witkowski Bridging the 4G/5G Gap Course

David Witkowski, Deployment Working Group Co-Chair, discusses his upcoming 2-part course on the roadmap for implementing 5G technologies.

Read the Q&A here.

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Take the Updated Testbed Survey

Our working group is in the process of creating a directory of 5G testbeds to maximize national and international collaboration, but to accomplish that we need your help!

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7 Experts Cast Their Visions for 5G and Beyond in 2021

We polled seven experts from the Future Networks Initiative community to get their predictions about energy efficiency, deployment, massive MIMO, and others. Learn what the experts in IEEE Future Networks expect will occur in 2021 in this article.

Read the article here.

5G abstract5

5G in Action eBook

Civilian and defense agencies lay the groundwork for next-generation communications in free ebook.

Read more at Nextov.

E Learning Abstract

New Education and Training Courses

New IEEE Communications Society educational courses are now available on Cloud-Native 5G and 5G/NR technologies.

Reserve your Cloud-Native 5G and 5G/NR spot.


Technology Spotlight

IEEE PELS Mag Cover March2021

Derating the 5G Network

Read the latest article from Brian Zahnstecher, Co-Chair of the Energy Efficiency INGR Working Group, about "Derating the 5G Network" published in the March 2021 issue of IEEE Power Electronics Magazine.

Read more at IEEE PELS Magazine.

Networking Abstract

Will vRAN Ever Break Into mmWave 5G Networks?

mmWave's point-to-point nature means massive MIMO is needed to create lots of narrow beams, which requires RAN architectures to manage more processing. But, will that ever happen?

Read more at SDXCentral.

Health Physics Aug2020

Health Physics Journal on 5G Health and Safety

IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation—COMAR Technical Information Statement: Health and Safety Issues Concerning Exposure of the General Public to Electromagnetic Energy from 5G Wireless Communications Networks

Read more at Healthy Physics Journal.

Loon Balloon

Alphabet's Loon Failed to Bring Internet to the World. What Went Wrong?

The balloon-based wireless provider ultimately couldn’t close the digital gap.

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.


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