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Darpa Grand Challenge Finale Reveals which AI-Managed Radio System Shares Spectrum Best

The team that prevailed in the three-year Spectrum Collaboration Challenge walked away with US $2 million. It all started when Grant Imahara, electrical engineer and former host of MythBusters, walked onto the stage. A celebrity guest appearance is quite a way to kick off a U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) event, right? The event in question was the finale of DARPA’s Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, or SC2. SC2 has been one in the long list of DARPA’s grand challenges—starting with 2004’s eponymous Grand Challenge for self-driving cars. Over the duration of the three-year SC2 competition, teams from around the world have worked to prove that it is possible to create AI-managed radio systems that can manage wireless spectrum better than traditional allocation strategies.

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The Top 5 Ways 5G will Build the Workplace of Tomorrow

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Aperture Tuning for 5G Smartphones 

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spectrumJune20 19

The Factories of the Future Will Be Fast, Flexible, and Free of Wires

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Korea's New 5G Futuristic Hospital 

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Satellite Communications for 5G: Promising yet Challenging 

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manhole antenna 

Manhole Covers Serve as Antennas Expanding Wireless Network Coverage 

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Technology Spotlight


6G: Building tomorrow's wireless tech beyond 100 GHz

We’re quickly outpacing the abilities of the current generation of wireless communication technology, commonly known as 4G. Think about that moment you see 3G signal strength on your smartphone — you know you’re in for a slow tech experience. You may soon feel the same about 4G. And while next-generation 5G tech is only in the early stages of commercial implementation, it was nearly a decade in the making. That’s why researchers in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU are already preparing for the implementation of 6G by 2030.

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5G is Forcing Hundreds of TV Channels to Change How They Broadcast

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How AI is Starting to Influence Wireless Communications 

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Blockchain: A Key Enabler for 5G

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5GUK Trials: Distributing a Live Orchestra over 5G 

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Inatel Prototypes GFDM Transceiver to Bring 5G to Brazilian Remote Areas in a Fraction of Time

MWC autonomousVehicles

MWC Barcelona 2019: On the Road to Self-Driving Cars, 5G Will Make Us Better Drivers 

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6G are you ready to look at 6g

Are you Ready to Look at 6G? 

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artificial intelligence brain 

Can 5G Survive Without AI? 

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