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INGR - 2022 Edition
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Future Networks Tech Focus - April 2022
Articles on SVC caching, Quantum processing, and new network architectures.
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10 Experts “Get Real” with 5G in 2022 Article
Learn what the experts in IEEE Future Networks expect will occur in 2022.
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Future In-Building Networks (13 July)
Four INGR working groups present latest insights
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The Road to 6G: INGR Mapping Future Networks into 2032 (1 June)
Future evolution of in-building networks
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Advanced Solutions for 6G Satellite Systems Workshop (19-21 July)
Inaugural workshop from IEEE FNI Satellite Working Group
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2nd Future Network Security: Challenges and Opportunities Workshop (23-25 Aug)
2nd annual workshop from IEEE FNI Security Working Group
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2nd Systems Optimization Imperatives, Techniques, and Opportunities for Future Networks Workshop (19-20 Sept)
2nd annual workshop from IEEE FNI Systems Optimization Working Group
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Latest Events
Forging a Sustainable Path to 6G (3 March)
A Future Networks Initiative workshop sponsored by VMware at Mobile World Congress
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First Responder and Tactical Networks 2021 - Morning Plenary
14 December 2021
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Feature Article

telecom Abstract3

New AI-Powered Platform Aids Telecom Product Designers

IEEE DiscoveryPoint offers access to millions of documents

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

Cell Reception

Improving Cell Reception By Making Signals Noisier

Artemis Networks turns intentional interference into pockets of cellular clarity

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

undersea cable

An Undersea Cable Could Fill In the Gaps on Fiber-Optic Maps

Africa’s Internet infrastructure suffers from a lack of cable options that don’t run through Europe

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

Snap NextG 1

First ACM Chapter/IEEE Next G Summit (14 June)

Attend the Hybrid event at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD, USA

Read more at Next G Summit


Technology Spotlight

mmwave transceiver

New Transceiver Receives Power and Data Simultaneously

The beam-steering approach aims to make 5G relays and IoT devices batteryless

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

Memristor switches 

Neuronlike Memristors Could Superspeed 6G Wireless

6G switches, built from atomically thin films, would require minuscule dabs of energy, boosting network speed and efficiency

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

hollow core fiber

Hollow-Core Fiber Beams a Kilowatt of Laser Power Up to a Kilometer

The air-filled optical fiber could reduce latency in communications and improve precision machining

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

quantum teleportation

Expanding Horizons of Long-Haul Quantum Communications

Teleportation—the stuff of future quantum internets—no longer demands directly connected qubits

Read more at IEEE Spectrum


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