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INGR - 2022 Edition
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Future Networks Tech Focus - April 2022
Articles on SVC caching, Quantum processing, and new network architectures.
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10 Experts “Get Real” with 5G in 2022 Article
Learn what the experts in IEEE Future Networks expect will occur in 2022.
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The Road to 6G: INGR Mapping Future Networks into 2032 (1 June)
Four INGR working groups present latest insights
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Systems Optimization for Future Networks (18 May)
IEEE Future Networks Systems Optimization Working Group webinar
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2nd Future Network Security: Challenges and Opportunities Workshop (28-30 June)
2nd annual workshop from IEEE FNI Security Working Group
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Advanced Solutions for 6G Satellite Systems Workshop (19-21 July)
Inaugural workshop from IEEE FNI Satellite Working Group
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2nd Systems Optimization Imperatives, Techniques, and Opportunities for Future Networks Workshop (19-20 Sept)
2nd annual workshop from IEEE FNI Systems Optimization Working Group
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Latest Events
Forging a Sustainable Path to 6G (3 March)
A Future Networks Initiative workshop sponsored by VMware at Mobile World Congress
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Featured Video
Transdisciplinary Framework for 5G-Enabled Applications and Services in the New Reality
Narendra Mangra, GlobeNet LLC
Latest 5G and Beyond: A Roadmap Approach Webinar, 19 January
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Feature Article

NIST Wireless Paths

NIST Finds Wireless Performance Consistent Across 5G Millimeter-Wave Bands

NIST researchers developed a new method to measure frequency effects, using the 26.5-40 GHz band as a target example.

Read more at NIST

5G Abstract6

NIST Requests Public Comment on Draft Guidance for 5G Cybersecurity

A new draft publication aims to help create secure 5G networks.

Read more at NIST

Comsoc Mag Issue

IEEE Communications Standards Magazine

IEEE Communications Socity (ComSoc) have a special 5G Advanced-focused issue of IEEE Communications Standards Magazine planned for later this year. The submission deadline is 31 May.

Read more at Comsoc

5G Abstract16

Wireless Worries Overshadow Triumphs of RF Research

A leading expert in radio-frequency dosimetry dissects distress over 5G—and the differences between exposure and dosage

Read more at IEEE Spectrum


Technology Spotlight

NASA Satellite

Companies Vie to Build NASA’s Next Communications Network

SpaceX, Amazon, Viasat, and other private players jockey to replace NASA’s TDRS

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

5G abstract13

How to build a 5G test strategy

Ensuring quality and device performance while control cost and complexity

Read more at RCR Wireless

5G Abstract9

How 5G URLLC and edge computing can make smart factories smarter

Thanks to 5G URLLC and edge computing, telecoms can become the main enablers for manufacturing automation based on 5G networks with the use of intent-driven orchestration, realizing the smart factory concept.

Read more at Telecoms

Eric Nitschke 

This Community-Run Internet is Bridging the Digital Divide

The low-power open-source wireless mesh network is portable

Read more at IEEE Spectrum


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