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IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine: IEEE Future Network Initiative Series on 5G Techologies and Applications (4th Issue)

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IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques: IEEE Future Network Special Issue on 5G Hardware and System Technologies 
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IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology: Vehicle Connectivity and Automation Using 5G Networks
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IEEE Future Networks Webinar Series on Demand: 
Small Cells and Their Role in Future 5G Networks
Dr. David Lopez-Perez, Senior Research Engineer, Nokia Bell Laboratories
Michael Kinnavy, Head of Small Cell R&D, Nokia Bell Laboratories
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IEEE Workshop on 5G Technologies for Tactical and First Responder Networks
View recordings and presentations of the workshop held 23 October 2018
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IEEE - TDSI 5G Technologies Workshop at IMC 2018
View recordings and presentations of the workshop held 26 October 2018
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Feature Article


Interview with J. Jefferies 

"It would be helpful to have full commitment from the government." tele.net spoke to Jim Jeffereies, president and chief executive officer, Institute of Elecrical and Electronic Engeineers (IEEE), on the sidelines of IMC 2018. 

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A smart case study for mmWave: Connecting Rzeszów

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IEEE 5G Working Group Finishes Fronthaul Standard

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IEEE 5G Transmissions: Podcasts with the Experts
5G: Let's not Wait for the Killer App 

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IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine Special Issue 
New Considerations for 5G Wireless Systems 

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5G Poised for Commercial Rollout by 2020 

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Two U.S. Cities Win Support for 5G Wireless Test Beds 

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Mobile World Congress 2018: 5G's Killer App May Not Be an App at All 

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Three Trends Driving the 5G Test Paradigm 

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IEEE Releases Details About Its 5G and Beyond Roadmap 

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Invisible Connections will Unveil our 5G Future 

At Signal Microwave, simulation is being used to design specialized connectors for high-speed RF applications. 

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How 5G Could Bring Internet Access to Remote Areas 

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5G The New Wireless Frontier: Special Report on 5G by The Institute

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Technology Spotlight


The 5G Dilemma: More Base Stations, More Antennas - Less Energy? 

5G networks will likely consumer more energy than 4G, but one expert says the problem may not be as bad as it seems. 

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New "Network 2030" Group Asks: What Comes After 5G? 

The ITU focus group wants to make sure the backbone of every network can support future demand for data. 

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The Race to 5G: The Latest 5G News and Analysis

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Automotive Applications of Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks

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IEEE 5G Tech Focus May 2018:  Special Issue on Optical Technology in NextGen Networking 

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Brooklyn 5G Summit: Network Slicing & Edge Computing Gain Importance 

While much of the talk surrounding 5G revolves around the new radio, network slicing and edge computing could open many business use cases not previously considered. 

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5 Big Industry Shifts We Need for a 5G World

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A Beam-Steering Antenna for 5G Mobile Phones 

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CES 2018: 5G News and Nuggets 

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Rutgers WINLAB ORBIT Testbed
Now Available for Use by the IEEE 5G Community 

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IEEE Microwave Magazine
Challenges for 5G - The Future of Wireless Communications 

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Facebook Aims to Remake Telecom with Millimeter Waves and Tether-tennas 

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The 5G Frontier: Millimeter Wireless 

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