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Call for Papers/ Tutorials/ Proposals:
IEEE 5G World Forum
Call for Papers, Vertical/Topical Areas and more 
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IEEE Future Networks Upcoming Webinar:
Security in SDN/NFV and 5G Networks - Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Ashutosh Dutta, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs (JHU/APL)
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IEEE Future Networks Webinar Series on Demand: 
Mitigating Thermal & Power Limitations to Enable 5G
Dr. Earl McCune, CTO, Eridan Communications 
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IEEE Workshop on 5G Technologies for Tactical and First Responder Networks
View recordings and presentations of the workshop held 23 October 2018
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IEEE - TDSI 5G Technologies Workshop at IMC 2018
View recordings and presentations of the workshop held 26 October 2018
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Feature Article


MWC Barcelona 2019: Low Latency 5G Networks Could be a Game-Changer for AR and VR (But Not Until 2020) 

New 5G service could enable multi-player VR games and maybe even eliminate nausea

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Wireless Predictions 2019 

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manhole antenna 

Manhole Covers Serve as Antennas Expanding Wireless Network Coverage 

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6 Key Connectivity Requirements of Autonomous Driving 

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Test and Measurement is a Major Hurdle for 5G 

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India’s Ambitious Project for Nationwide Public Internet

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IEEE 5G Working Group Finishes Fronthaul Standard

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Technology Spotlight

MWC autonomousVehicles 

MWC Barcelona 2019: On the Road to Self-Driving Cars, 5G Will Make Us Better Drivers 

Long before we have autonomous vehicles, 5G-enabled services could keep us more alert and informed

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6G are you ready to look at 6g

Are you Ready to Look at 6G? 

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artificial intelligence brain 

Can 5G Survive Without AI? 

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Millimeter wave to low-band: The different types of 5G and how they work 

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IEEE Future Networks Tech Focus: December 2018 

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massive MIMO2 

Massive MIMO Will Create More Wireless Channels, But Also More Vulnerabilities

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The 5G Dilemma: More Base Stations, More Antennas - Less Energy?

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The Race to 5G: The Latest 5G News and Analysis

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