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2nd Workshop on 5G Technologies for First Responder and Tactical Networks 
7 October 2019 
Laurel, Maryland, USA 
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IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine Special Issue on 5G Technologies and Applications
Submission date: 19 September 2019 (extended)
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5G Networks for Rural and Remote Areas Applications  
Luciano Leonel Mendes, Professor, Inatel, Brazil  
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Feature Article


The Top 5 Ways 5G will Build the Workplace of Tomorrow 

By now you’ve probably heard about 5G and how it is poised to change the world. The excitement around the technology is hitting  a fever pitch as a multitude of 5G-related announcements continue to be made regarding deployment cities, offerings and products.

You are not alone if you’re unclear about what 5G is and why it’s so important, though.

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Aperture Tuning for 5G Smartphones 

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spectrumJune20 19

The Factories of the Future Will Be Fast, Flexible, and Free of Wires

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Korea's New 5G Futuristic Hospital 

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Satellite Communications for 5G: Promising yet Challenging 

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MWC Barcelona 2019: Low Latency 5G Networks Could be a Game-Changer for AR and VR (But Not Until 2020) 

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manhole antenna 

Manhole Covers Serve as Antennas Expanding Wireless Network Coverage 

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Technology Spotlight


5G is Forcing Hundreds of TV Channels to Change How They Broadcast 

Do you use an antenna to watch TV? Whether you never adopted cable to begin with, or only recently cut the cord you may have noticed some of your TV stations have vanished in the last month. It’s all to make way for 5G, the next generation of cellular networks that promises speeds as fast, or often faster, than anything that comes from a cable snaking into your home. Only the stations aren’t really disappearing. They’ve just moved.

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How AI is Starting to Influence Wireless Communications 

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Blockchain: A Key Enabler for 5G

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5GUK Trials: Distributing a Live Orchestra over 5G 

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Inatel Prototypes GFDM Transceiver to Bring 5G to Brazilian Remote Areas in a Fraction of Time

MWC autonomousVehicles

MWC Barcelona 2019: On the Road to Self-Driving Cars, 5G Will Make Us Better Drivers 

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6G are you ready to look at 6g

Are you Ready to Look at 6G? 

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artificial intelligence brain 

Can 5G Survive Without AI? 

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