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Upcoming Call for Proposals
Systems Optimization Imperatives, Techniques, and Opportunities for Future Networks Workshop
Virtual Event: 1-3 December 2020
Deadline: 1 November 2020 
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Joint MIMO-Radar-MIMO-Communications in the 5G Era
The next-generation communications and radar systems envisage a rapid increase in connected devices and users. The resulting dire challenges in utilizing a limited frequency spectrum has led researchers to seek novel solutions...
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Thermal and Power Limitations for 5G: Earl McCune Tribute
We tragically lost Earl on 27 May 2020, and as a tribute, we will replay a presentation he gave during a webinar series in 2018, and talk about how relevant it is in 2020 and beyond.
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INGR Workshop Plenary Readouts
Watch recordings and download slide presentations from each...
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Evolution of Optical and Transport Technologies for 5G Crosshaul Networks
Emerging 5G services place stringent requirements on optical and transport networks. Much higher bandwidth and ultra-reliable and low latency are examples of these requirements...
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Systems Optimization for Future Networks
Special INGR webinar by Aarne Mämmelä, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
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Trust Management in Edge Clouds with SCONE
Christof Fetzer, TU Dresden 
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The 3 Rs of 5G: Risk, Reward, & Resposibility
Eman Hammad, PwC Canada 
David Witkowski, Joint Venture Silicon Valley, Oku Solutions, LLC  
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Beyond the Cellular Paradigm: Cell-Free Architectures with Radio Stripes  
Emil Björnson, Linköping University, Sweden
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International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR)
Narendra Mangra, GlobeNet, LLC
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New E-Learning Course
5G Networks: Discover 5G Technology and the End-to-End 5G System 
Produced in partnership with Nokia and the IEEE 802 LMSC.
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Featured Video
Openness and Collaboration Enabling Innovation in the 5G Digital Ecosystem
Benoit Pelletier, Ciena
IEEE 2020 3rd 5G World Forum, 10 September - 2 November
Benoit Pelletier Presentation

Feature Article

Factory Robotics

How 5G’s enhanced reliability and latency can help reboot the factory floor

More factories are adopting IT technologies like internet protocol (IP), Linux, and analytics. Doing so allows for heightened systems security, migration into digital factory models, and more holistic adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) across the manufacturing organization.

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Social Technologies

IEEE Experts Weigh Social Implications of Emerging Technologies in Future Pandemics

There is little doubt that emerging technologies will help societies anticipate, manage, and mitigate the negative impacts of future global pandemics. But the use of such technologies must be guided with regard for citizens’ privacy, security, and well-being, and concern for its deployment and implementation.

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IEEE Day 2020

IEEE Day 2020 Celebrates Technology for a Better Tomorrow

Every first Tuesday of October, you’ll normally find IEEE members gathering together, celebrating the world’s newest innovations and collaborating on how to make the world a better place through the use of technology.

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Kathryn Jablokow


Meet the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Engineering Design and Systems Engineering Program Director

The IEEE senior member plans to focus on the impact technology has on society

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

Tech Workers

An anti-racism checklist: Supporting Black employees in tech

Any Black candidate, employee, or founder in tech can tell you how much anti-racism work still needs to be done in the industry.

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Technology Spotlight


OpenRoaming promises simple, seamless, secure Wi-Fi connectivity, like cellular networks

The OpenRoaming initiative, managed and promoted by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), aims to create a more cellular-like experience by authenticating your laptop or cell phone and joining participating Wi-Fi networks as you roam from one to the next.

Read more at VentureBeat.

IoT Plastics

Here Comes the Internet of Plastic Things, No Batteries or Electronics Required

Researchers at the University of Washington have devised a way of using 3D printed plastic to create objects that communicate with smartphone or other Wi-Fi devices without the need for batteries or electronics.

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile boosts 5G speeds by combining mid band downloads, low band uploads

Today, T-Mobile said it has successfully tested the next piece of its 5G strategy: Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology that will dedicate 2.5GHz mid band spectrum to downloads and 600MHz low band spectrum to uploads, simultaneously improving T-Mobile’s 5G speeds and reach across the United States.

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Construction Machines
Breakthrough Could Lead to Amplifiers for 6G Signals
Researchers close in on high-electron-mobility transistors made from an unusual form of gallium nitride
Apptricity Beams Bluetooth Signals Over 30 Kilometers
The company is using precise beaming to develop a new asset tracking technique.


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