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Future Networks Testbed Workshop (7-8 Feb)
This workshop invites speaking proposals from the wider research community on Testbeds.
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4th IEEE 5G Workshop on First Responder and Tactical Networks (14 Dec)
The applicability of 5G technologies for tactical and first responder networks
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IEEE Public Safety Technology Roundtable: Emerging Public Safety Technologies (8 Dec)
Part of Future Directions Future Tech Forum series
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Upcoming Webinars
How 6G is Reshaping the 5G World Forum (16 Feb)
Next in the new series, 5G and Beyond: A Roadmap Approach
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Latest Webinars On-Demand
Transdisciplinary Framework for 5G-Enabled Applications and Services in the New Reality (19 Jan)
Next in the new series, 5G and Beyond: A Roadmap Approach
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Latest Publications
Tech Focus - October 2021 Issue
Issue includes articles on Millimeter-wave Metantenna Technologies, Radio Propagation Modelling, and Optical Transport for 5G
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Latest Podcast
Edge Platforms and Services Evolving into 2030
These are the building blocks for the era of domain specific services and futuristic edge native solutions.
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Featured Video
IEEE Standards Association – A New Era: Raising the World’s Standards
Rob Fish, IEEE Standards Association
IEEE 2020 3rd 5G World Forum, 10 September - 2 November
2020 5GWF Rob Fish

Feature Article

SM2 PoAI web20 Telecomm Twitter

Power by AI Webinar Series: AI/ML in the Era of 5G and Beyond

AI/ML and 5G are a perfect match sharing a mutually beneficial relationship--While 5G offers high speeds, AI/ML complements the technology. Join the webinar presented by Deepak Kataria.

Read more at IEEE Digital Reality.

IEEE View of Sunset 1800x650 1 620x290

IEEE and Climate Change: Leveraging Global Expertise

How one of the world’s largest professional organizations is helping to advance global sustainability.

Read more at IEEE Transmitter.

Telecom Abstract2

Ham Radio Jamming, Wireless Industry Battlegrounds, and IoT in Space

IEEE Spectrum’s biggest telecom headlines of 2021

Read more at IEEE Spectrum

CTU Rural Internet

Solutions for Providing Internet Access to Rural Areas

IEEE explores employing ICT, regulations, and standards

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.


Technology Spotlight

5G Abstract6

The real value of 5G and cloud computing

There’s a lot of hype around 5G and how it applies to technologies such as cloud. Together, they have the potential to reshape distributed, complex systems.

Read more at InfoWorld.

Telecom Abstract

European Telcos Sound Alarm Over Flagging Open RAN Progress

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and others warn the continent is falling behind the U.S. and Japan

Read more at IEEE Spectrum. 

5G Abstract14 

If 6G Becomes Just 5G+, We’ll Have Made a Big Mistake

Iterating current tech is a bad idea; semantic communication could be the answer

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

National Instruments Terahertz

National Instruments Paves the Way for Terahertz Regime in 6G Networks

Developing tools that can test new technologies for 6G networks is the key step in making it a reality

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.


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