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5G World Forum
The flagship event of the Future Networks Initiative
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Future Network Massive MIMO Workshop
The latest developments in Massive MIMO
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Connecting the Unconnected: To Bridge the Digital Divide
Next in the new series, 5G and Beyond: A Roadmap Approach
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The Energy Challenge in Deploying 5G & Beyond
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Latest Publications
Optics White Paper
The Optics Working Group has released their White Paper that highlights multiple Optics technologies, identifying their current and future states.
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Public Safety Technology White Paper
The white paper is the first output of the IEEE Public Safety Technology Task Force.
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International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR) - 2021 Edition
Full chapters of the INGR are available exclusively to signed-in participants of the IEEE Future Networks Initiative (FNI).
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Latest Podcast
Edge Platforms and Services Evolving into 2030
These are the building blocks for the era of domain specific services and futuristic edge native solutions.
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Featured Video
IEEE Standards Association – A New Era: Raising the World’s Standards
Rob Fish, IEEE Standards Association
IEEE 2020 3rd 5G World Forum, 10 September - 2 November
2020 5GWF Rob Fish

Feature Article

Saifur Rahman

Saifur Rahman Is 2022 IEEE President-Elect

IEEE Life Fellow Saifur Rahman has been elected as the 2022 IEEE president-elect. He is set to begin serving as president on 1 January 2023.

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

Steven Walker Lockheed

Lockheed Martin’s CTO Steven Walker on Future Defense Technologies

DARPA's former director is focused on hypersonics and 5G

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

5G Abstract2

Why are so few people actually using 5G in the U.S.? Here’s what the experts say

This may be because 5G-enabled devices are outpacing 5G access

Read more at Digital Trends.


How 5G Solutions Can Help Prevent Cyberattacks

IT departments have been scrambling to deploy new solutions for their suddenly remote workforce to make sure that employees have safe and compliant access to their corporate networks. 5G and 4G devices have stepped into the void and are already helping — today.

Read more at Forbes.


Technology Spotlight


Could 5G-enabled tech help reduce global emissions?

Industry body urges assistance for operators ahead of COP26

Read more at Tech Radar.


Biggest Tech Companies Now Building the Biggest Data Pipes

Facebook will lay a record-capacity submarine cable across the Atlantic

Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

5G Abstract7

What to expect from Brazil’s 5G auction

Brazil’s 5G spectrum auction is seen as having the potential to bring in massive investments to the country and diversifying use cases and business models related to mobile technology.

Read more at BNAmericas.

5G Abstract3

The VA is looking to 5G to enable ‘X-ray vision’ for doctors

As the Department of Veterans Affairs expands its use of 5G wireless technology in its medical centers across the nation, the enhanced network infrastructure could soon support physicians going into an operation with “X-ray vision.”

Read more at Fedscoop. 


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