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The Future Networks Initiative collaborates with the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society on a series of special magazine issues focused on network communications technologies and topics. FNI leadership supports the publication as guest editors, helping promote and publish timely networking pieces. The initial series of articles was centered around 5G technologies. The next series will be focused on 6G, with the first issue on "Laying the Milestones for 6G Networks." The full issue here.

VTM Cover Dec2020 SmallIEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 

IEEE Future Networks Special Issue on Laying the Milestones for 6G Networks

December 2020

TVTSeptCoverPageIEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 

IEEE Future Networks Special Issue on Service Verification and Performance Validation for 5G Networks 

December 2019

TVTSeptCoverPageIEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology

Special Section on Vehicle Connectivity and Automation using 5G Networks  

September 2019

 VTMJune2019CoverIEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 

IEEE Future Networks Special Issue on Network Slicing and Intelligent Automation of Resources  

June 2019

VTMDec2019CoverIEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 

IEEE 5G Initiative Special Issue on Zeroing in on Nonorthogonal Multiple Access

December 2018 

June2018CoverImageIEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 

IEEE 5G Initiative Special Issue on New Considerations for 5G Wireless Systems 

June 2018


IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine

IEEE 5G Initiative Special Issue on 5G Technologies and Applications

December 2017




year g700198462 64010 Experts “Get Real” With 5G in 2022
Is 2022 the year when that will change? “Yes!”, say the experts. And, “not so fast” say others. 5G deployment is well underway – or so ‘they’ tell us. We turned to experts from industry, government, and academia around the globe, who volunteer with IEEE Future Networks for their insights and perspectives on what about 5G might become “real” in the year ahead. And, although they aren’t all singing in unison, each of their predictions is based on a solid foundation of professional expertise and experience. Learn what the experts in IEEE Future Networks expect will occur in 2022 in this article.


6G Abstract1Shaping Future 6G Netowrks: Needs, Impacts, and Technologies
Shaping Future 6G Networks: Needs, Impacts, and Technologies is a holistic snapshot on the evolution of 5G technologies towards 6G. With contributions from international key players in industry and academia, the book presents the hype versus the realistic capabilities of 6G technologies, and delivers cutting-edge business and technological insights into the future wireless telecommunications landscape. Learn more about this book.

2021 istockphoto7 Experts Cast Their Visions for 5G and Beyond in 2021
Forecasting what might come about over the course of the next 12 months in a space as diverse and dynamic as 5G would be challenging at any given moment. It seems it would have come to prove downright futile ahead of the year in which COVID-19 dominated practically every aspect of life around the globe. And yet, the predictions were still valid. We polled seven experts from the Future Networks Initiative community to get their predictions about energy efficiency, deployment, massive MIMO, and others. Learn what the experts in IEEE Future Networks expect will occur in 2021 in this article.


digitization 4689530 19207 Experts Forecast What’s Coming for 5G in 2020: Predictions on the 5G Ecosystem
2019 was the relative calm before the 2020 5G deployment storm, but what can we expect in the new year? We polled seven experts from the Future Networks Initiative community to get their predictions, from spectrum, to energy efficiency, mmWave, private 5G service and (of course) deployment. Learn what the experts in IEEE Future Networks expect will occur in 2020 in this article.



As 5G Wireless Rolls Out, Experts Look Ahead to 6G, December 4, 2019, IEEE Innovation Spotlight 

 5G The New Wireless Frontier: Special Report on 5G by The Institute

The March 2017 issue of The Institute features many articles on 5G, including highlighting the IEEE 5G Initiative, upcoming standards for 5G, the many resources available at IEEE on the topic 5G, and others. 



IEEE 5G and Beyond Initiative - A Perspective, Mondo Digitale, February 2018 
An Opportunity to Contribute - IEEE's 5G and Beyond Initiative, Dr. Ashutosh Dutta, Co-founder, IEEE 5G Initiative 

IEEE Spectrum

raceto5gThe Race to 5G: The Latest 5G News and Analysis

5G is the next generation of wireless technology scheduled to arrive in 2020. Once here, 5G should help wireless networks provide more bandwidth, higher data speeds, and lower latency to many more electronic devices. It’s also one of the most hyped topics in technology—with enthusiasts promising it will be the gateway to self-driving cars, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. Here, IEEE Spectrum follows 5G news from around the world as telecommunications companies develop standards, test new technologies, and prepare to roll 5G out to customers.

Inatel Prototypes GFDM Transceiver to Bring 5G to Brazilian Remote Areas in a Fraction of Time
MWC Barcelona 2019: On the Road to Self-Driving Cars, 5G will Make Us Better Drivers, March 2019
Test and Measurement is a Major Hurdle for 5G
, November 2018 
Massive MIMO Will Create More Wireless Channels, But Also More Vulnerabilities, November 2018 
The 5G Dilemma: More Base Stations, More Antennas - Less Energy?, October 2018 
Three Trends Driving the 5G Test Paradigm
New "Network 2030" Group Asks: What Comes After 5G?, August 2018 
5G Poised for Commercial Rollout by 2020, May 2018
Invisible Connections will Unveil our 5G Future
Two U.S. Cities Win Support for 5G Wireless Test Beds, April 2018 
Automotive Applications of Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks
Mobile World Congress 2018: 5G's Killer App May Not Be an App at All, March 2018 
A Beam-Steering Antenna for 5G Mobile Phones, January 2018 
What Does Every Engineer Need to Know about 5G?
, January 2018 
5G New Radio and What Comes Next, January 2018 
CES 2018: 5G News and Nuggets
, January 2018
5G's Olympic Debut, January 2018 
Invisible Connections will Unveil our 5G Future, December 2017
5G Bytes: Small Cells Explained, August 2017
5G Bytes: Millimeter Waves Explained, May 2017
Facebook Aims to Remake Telecom with Millimeter Waves and Tether-tennas, April 2017
The 5G Frontier: Millimeter Wireless, February 2017
New Terahertz Transmitter Shines with Ultrafast Data Speeds, February 2017
Everything You Need to Know about 5G, January 2017 
Here comes 5G - whatever that is, January 2017

IEEE ComSoc Technology News
5GUK Trials: Distributing a Live Orchestra over 5G, May 2019
Can 5G Survive Without AI?  November 2018
What Will 6G Be? June 2018 
The Challenges of 5G in a Cloud Based Network, April 2018 
A View of the Way Forward in 5G from Academia, December 2017 
Wireless Winners and Losers: Who's Making Money in the 4G to 5G Gap? October 2017 

IEEE Software Defined Networks (SDN) Initiative Newsletter 
5G Network Slicing and Security, January 2018
5G:  Platform and Not Protocol, January 2018 
SDN and NFV Evolution Towards 5G
, September 2017 
Addressing Key Challenges in 5G Networks with "Intent-Driven Networking", January 2017
Challenges of Network Slicing, January 2017 
Orchestration and Control Solutions in 5G: Challenges and Opportunities from a Transport Perspective, September 2016
Open Baton: A Framework for Virtual Network Function Management and Orchestration for Emerging Software-Based 5G Networks, July 2016
5G Era Networks: The Case for Open Mobile Edge Cloud, March 2016 
Edge Definition and How it Fits with 5G Era Networks, March 2016
Mobile Edge Computing - An Important Ingredient of 5G Networks, March 2016
Towards Software Defined 5G Radio Access Networks, March 2016


Bridging the Gap: 21st Century Wireless Telecommunications Handbook, Author: David Witkowski

Next-generation wireless technologies will enable greater functionality, but their complexity places increasing burdens on municipalities. Written primarily for municipal employees, public officials, and civic leaders, "Bridging the Gap, 2nd Edition," is a handbook to help guide understanding of these networks as they deal with very complex and rapidly evolving technologies. We see evidence of the pace of technology evolution in the history of this handbook. First published in 2016, after only three short years so much has changed we needed to publish an update. In this document, we will cover much ground. We will look at what is driving the need for wireless data, the societal value of wireless data networks, the technologies the industry is deploying to build those networks, and the regulatory environment for wireless facilities that govern how carriers and local governments must interact. We will close with an overview of new technologies we can expect in years to come, and provide some forward-looking recommendations for both local governments and wireless carriers.



anwerBook5G Networks: Fundamental Requirements, Enabling Technologies, and Operations Management, Editors: Anwer Al-Dulaimi, Xianbin Wang, Chih-Lin I 

A reliable and focused treatment of the emergent technology of fifth generation (5G) networks

This book provides an understanding of the most recent developments in 5G, from both theoretical and industrial perspectives. It identifies and discusses technical challenges and recent results related to improving capacity and spectral efficiency on the radio interface side, and operations management on the core network side. It covers both existing network technologies and those currently in development in three major areas of 5G: spectrum extension, spatial spectrum utilization, and core network and network topology management. It explores new spectrum opportunities; the capability of radio access technology; and the operation of network infrastructure and heterogeneous QoE provisioning.


Press Releases

IEEE Future Networks Releases the International Network Generations Roadmap, Helping Developers Identify and Overcome Challenges of 5G and Future Network Deployment, 25 February 2020
India Mobile Congress Day 2 - Run Down
, 26 October 2018 
Registration Opens for 2018 IEEE 5G World Forum
, 01 May 2018 
New IEEE 5G and Beyond Technology Roadmap White Paper Published, 04 October 2017 
IEEE 5G Summit to co-locate with the 2017 International Microwave Symposium
, 27 March 2017 
IEEE 5G Summit in Kolkata to Look at 'Digital India' and Possibilities for Connecting the Unconnected in 5G Rollout, 6 March 2017
New IEEE 5G Activities Designed to Help Connect Unconnected and Fuel Decades Long Innovation Wave, 24 February 2017
Portugal Telecom receives Jim Bound IPv6 Award, 19 January 2017
IPv6 Lifetime Achievement Award to Latif LADID, IEEE 5G Steering Committee member, 21 December 2016
IEEE Launches 5G Initiative to Coalesce Global Industry, Policy Makers, and Academia in Neutral Forum to Move 5G Forward, 19 December 2016
Boosting 5G Innovation: IEEE Software Defined Networks and EIT Digital Launch International Open Testbed Community, 8 June 2016

Articles on Future Networks can also be found in the following IEEE publications:

White Papers

IEEE 5G and Beyond Technology Roadmap White Paper, IEEE 5G Initiative 
End-to-End Simulation of 5G Networks Using NetSim, IEEE ComSoc white paper 
A Look into the Future: The Applications Behind 5G, IEEE ComSoc white paper 
Towards 5G Software-Defined Ecosystems, IEEE SDN Initiative white paper



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