Webinar February 2022 How 6G is Reshaping the 5G World Forum

IEEE Future Networks Webinar SeriesIEEE Future Networks Webinar:  How 6G is Reshaping the 5G World Forum

Wednesday 16 February 2022 | 11:00am ET

Ashutosh Dutta, Latif Ladid, Benoit Pelletier and Aloizio P. Silva


About the Webinar

The 5G World Forum has only been in existence for four years, but the 2021 edition of this global conference brought together so many exciting and forward-looking presentations that an upgrade and name change is already underway. Tune in to this webinar to hear from four of the expert technologists behind the 5G World Forum, learn about some of the most popular, insightful and provocative content presented at the 2021 event, and hear their predictions and expectations for 2022 when the conference is re-introduced as the Future Networks World Forum.


About the Presenters

Ashutosh Dutta is a computer scientist, engineer, academic, author, and an IEEE leader. He is currently a Senior Scientist, 5G Chief Strategist at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, JHU/APL Sabbatical Fellow, Adjunct Faculty, and ECE Chair for EP at Johns Hopkins University. He is the Chair of IEEE Industry Connections O-RAN Initiative and Co-Chair for IEEE Future Networks Initiative. An IEEE Fellow, Dutta has co-authored over 150 articles, three book chapters, and had 31 patents awarded. As a computer science expert, he has been affiliated with Internet Real-Time Lab (IRT), and Distributed Computing & Communications (DCC) Laboratory of Columbia University, and works on wireless networking, LTE networks, Software Defined Networking (SDN), computer communication, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), 5G, Network Security, and mobility management.

Latif Ladid currently holds an Emeritus Trustee of the Internet Society, a Board Member of the IPv6 Ready & Enabled Logos Program, and a Board Member of the World Summit Award. He is currently a Senior Researcher with the University of Luxembourg on multiple European Commission Next Generation Technologies IST Projects: 6INITFirst Pioneer IPv6 Research Project, 6WINIT, Euro6IX, Eurov6, NGNi, Project initiator SEINIT, and Project initiator SecurIST. He is also a Board Member of 3GPP PCG, 3GPP2 PCG, Vice Chair, IEEE ComSoc SDNNFV subC, a member of UN Strategy Council, and a member of the Future Internet Forum EU Member States (representing Luxembourg).

Benoit Pelletier is currently Director, Next Gen Ecosystems & Alliances in the Advanced Technologies SEBU at VMware with a Global mandate. Co-founder of the Open Grid Alliance as well as the $400M ENCQOR 5G Public Private Partnership initiative with international collaboration between Canada, USA, Europe and UK, executive member of the board for Innovation ENCQOR, a NPO created to deliver this PPP across Quebec-Ontario corridor. Serving as co-chair of the Next G Alliance Steering Group, on the board of 5G Americas, 6G World Advisory Council, general co-chair of IEEE 5G World Forum and Industry Fora conference. Creative thinker and passionate about collaborative innovation, disruptive technologies, and execution! Proven leader with an intrapreneur mindset who creates rich and unique ecosystems that connect multinational corporations, SMBs, governments and academia.

Aloizio Silva is the CCI xG Testbed Director, helping to speed up advancements in 5G and beyond by providing researchers, government, and industry a destination to try and validate new approaches. In addition, he is research faculty at the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech University. Silva’s areas of interest include wireless networks, 5G and beyond, mainly in the area of software defined networks (SDN), software defined radio (SDR), network function virtualization (NFV), Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City, and mobile edge computing (MEC).


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