5G and GDPR – Just Because You Can Capture Data Does Not Mean You Can Use It

webinar series 5G and the GDPR – Just Because You Can Capture Data Does Not Mean You Can Use It

Thursday May 17th 11:00am EDT | 10:00am CDT


Dr. Alison Knight PhD, - University of Southampton (UK) Senior Legal Adviser

Gary LaFever, Anonos - CEO & Co-Founder

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About the Webinar

5G technologies will make it possible to interconnect with billions of devices and sensors globally, further fueling the growth of large scale dynamic decentralized/distributed data processing business models. These dynamic models will generate significant business opportunities as well as potential liabilities from failure to comply with centralized data protection requirements like those under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR, which goes into effect on May 25, 2018, includes fines as high as 4% of annual global gross revenues for data controllers and processors who fail to satisfy its requirements. Learn how new dynamic data protection requirements under the GDPR can help to resolve these conflicts and help to facilitate adoption of 5G capabilities.


AlisonKnightAbout the Speakers

Dr. Alison Knight PhD, - University of Southampton (UK) Senior Legal Adviser: Dr. Knight is a senior compliance lawyer and academic researcher in cyber, data protection, privacy laws, and competition / antitrust laws. Her research interests revolve around risk management and legal compliance, in particular the role law can play in virtual identity assurance, and personal data protection, along with data analytics and emerging technologies. She also trains companies on data ethics/governance and GDPR compliance in anticipation for new EU data protection rules coming into effect in May 2018.


Gary LaFever alternateGary LaFever, Anonos - CEO & Co-Founder: Gary LaFever is Chief Executive Officer at Anonos. A foundational underpinning of Anonos' patented BigPrivacy technology is that “Big Data” requires a new scalable, privacy-preserving approach to enable organizations to process data while managing security and privacy concerns. BigPrivacy dynamic pseudonymisation technologyuniquely supports the transformative shift in data protection from policy-only approaches to a technology-based approach that granularly enforces data protection policies as now required under the GDPR and other evolving data protection regimes.