IEEE 5G Roadmap Workshop at Globecom 2016 (8 December 2016)

Workshop Agenda - click to view the Agenda for the Workshop


Item  Title Speaker

IEEE 5G Initiative Overview

IEEE 5G Initiative Roadmap Classification 

Ashutosh Dutta and Gerhard Fettweis
  Roadmap Project Overview  Mischa Dohler and Chi-Ming Chen 
A What Do We Need - Verticals  
A1 5G as enabler for Medical IoT - MIS  Christoph Thuemmler
A2 Microgrid-based Power Infrastructure for Integrated Energy and Cellular Service Management Andres Kwasinski
A3 Automotive Sector Perspective  Meng Lu 
A4 Heterogeneous V2X Networks  James Irvine
A5 5G Roadmap for V2X Networks  Antonella Molinaro
B How We Do it - Radio Feature Design   
B1 IoT Wireless Security  Alenka Zajic 
B2 LiFi Attocellular Networking  Harald Haas
B3 Forward Error Correction Schemes Swapnil Mhaske and Predrag Spasojevic
B4 CMOS and BiCMOS Integrated Circuits for 5G and Beyond John Long 
B5 AP-S Antenna Perspective  Tim Lee
B6 D2D Technologies  Mohamad Ali El Hage
B7 5G Antennas and Propogation Challenges  Eric Mokole and Tapan Sarkar 
C How We Do It - Core/Service Support Design   
C1 5G Launch and Enhance EPC to Support 5G Use Cases Malla Reddy Sama
C2 5G OMEC: Proposed Mission and Roadmap  Cagatay Buyukkoc 
C3 Mobile CORD - Enable 5G on CORD Tom Tofigh
C4 5G Empowering IoT Octavia A. Dobre
C5 5G IoT Security Anand Prasad
D How to Make a Business Out of It  
D1  Micro Operators for Vertical Specfic Service Delivery in 5G Matti Latva-aho
D2 A 5G Roadmap Breakdown Structure  Adam Drobot
  Wrap up: Roadmap Workshop Brainstorming Flipcharts